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Leading By Example (cont), by Alvatina Flucker

This month here at Homestead Correctional has been like every other month since I arrived at the end of April.

At this point we have gotten two (2) new Chaplains and I am beginning to see some sparks of light, hope and change popping up around the compound.

Remember as I said in an earlier blog….this is the only facility that I’ve been at, where the offenders who have been incarcerated for a number of years-are content with no program availability.

Because of that I was compelled to ask about a Christmas Production and the new Chaplain granted me permission.


We have already begun preparations for our production which will be performed on December 20th, 2019 from 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

However, as with any program there are lots of red tape….no supplies, people dropping out and going to confinement, 6 more rehersals, etc, etc, etc….


However, I am learning how to go through the tests and trials with grace!

I’ve never seen any successful people without trails and tests.

Yet, it is “NOT” that you go through things, but “HOW” you go through them and “WHAT” you learn from them.

Sometimes…..well actually “MOST” of the time, the skirmishes we go through are avoidable—–we just don’t let the small things GO!!!

Someone is always trying to prove a point and dead set on being right or not being “TRIED”!

Today, I am learning to put others first….

It is NOT about me, but the greater good of others!!

America has gotten away from the greater good of others and doing things that are neighbourly……it is now every man for himself—swim or sink!!!!

Well, today I choose to be neighbourly, putting others first—–even while incarcerated!!

When we live by example, others see that, and then they are encoraged to live by an example.

Seeing that living by what you believe, encourages them to also live by what they believe to be true, and “THAT” my friends is success!!

It doesn’t matter if you are NEVER recognized or get any credit—-it is living by morals and standards that you can be proud of and leave a guideline for the greater good of others!!!

Let’s work hard to lead by an example that works!!!!

If you have any comments, suggestions or imput- please feel free to contact me at:

Alvatina Flucker #507101
Homestead Correctional Institution
19000 SW 377th Street Ste #200
Florida City, FL 33034
or register at

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