James DeWitt

Positive Insight, by James DeWitt

In a sense we are all responsible for the love loss in this world because we know that there’s been plenty of times that have came up where we could’ve responded with more love but didn’t. Exercise Your love by giving it in places and moments that the world says not to so that it may grow beyond the world’s concept. Christ gave His love even when the very world around Him was giving Him every reason not to. He was teaching us that we’re not required to look at all the moments of our living through the eyes of just our physical being. When we were taught that we have 1 pair of eyes we were being limited from the existence of our spiritual eyes. What you spend more time looking through becomes the default assigner of our perceptions while shaping the course of actions that we will decide upon.
Growing your love requires exercising it just as growing your biceps requires exercising them. Left alone it maintains its current state and level. Some people question why they haven’t been sent to new places or assigned to new people. One reason may be that their love hasn’t increased. It certainly can be viewed that giving God more could mean giving Him more room in your heart to operate from. When He’s the driver you know that you’ll be going where He needs you.

James Dewitt
DOC #1007872

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