Marquette Boone

Harm v. Crime, by Marquette Boone

I’m an original member of T-POCC–The Pantheon of Critical Criminologist. The two following topics was posed to T-POCC members to give our opinion on. I gave the following:

Well, many tmes we can harm someone innoceently and not really mean any disdain or criminal intent. Yet it’s not against the law. Still, every crime committed has harm attached to it; and then there is the harm that is created that IS criminal and actions taken is not recognized, and ignored by lawmakers, and those responsible four upholding the law. Crime has been socially and politically constructed to target certain groups of people. Harm emphasizes the experiences of survivors and communities, and those we should be centering our justice system around. For instance, many years ago, Donald Trump used his wealth and power to character assassinate five teenager accused of rape. Trump took out a full-page ad, in the NY Times, demonizing the young men, stating they should be given the death penalty, during their pretrial stage. Trumps actions caused irreparably harm. The African American community, screamed foul and saw this as a criminal act, but those in power were silent. The teens became know as the “Central Park Five,” convicted, served many years in prison, and then, later DNA evidence overturned all their convictions becoming the “Exnorated Five.” Despite DNA evidence which wasn’t quite available at time of their arrest, exnorated them, Trump never apologized. As the above topic was posed, I was wondering… Do anybody see any continuous criminal behavior by now president Trump?
Furthermore, harm v. crime also include racial profiling, stop & frisk, police shootings, police brutality, bogus arrest resulting in malicious prosecution and let’s not forget mass-incarceration. We have gone from Jim Crow to the MAGA. Is it a crime or just the hameless buffoonery, filled with racist dog-whistling by the Trumpeters who believed “the call was perfect…” Sometimes the truth is just too harmful and the coverup is better than the crime. This is where we’re at today. the question is, Wherre do we go from here? this leads to the next topic–Healing Justice. Therefore, I believe in solving the problem and not the blame. So, I’ll touch on Healing Justice.

Marquette Boone
DOC #A370565

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