Johndell Taylor

by Johndell Taylor

hello this is my first time on blogg,,,my name is johndell Taylor,, my d,…I’m 24years of age,,I’m from baton rouge Louisiana,, I been in prison for six years,,for one count of armed robbery,,, I have a 50years sentence,, I’m on appeal..because I was wrongly convented,,,_…a little about myself I’m open minded ,,,I have a good relationship with god,,I’m honest….I have one son ,,,he’s. 9years old,,,,,..I have six sisters and four older brother lil john was gun down ,,in 2009…that was my bother,,but most of all he was like a father to me,,when he was kill it cause a lot of pain to me and my family…growing up as a child in baton rouge I see a lot and most of all I learn a lot….when I was a child my mother and father where on drugs,,,so that left me and my older sisters to look out for the younger ones,,,it cause me to drop out of school in the 6grade and try my best to help my sisters put food on the table for my younger brothers,,,that’s when the street life came in ,,,well when I first came to prison I was lost for the most part,, fighting,,always in the cell blocks…because coming to prison at that age 17years old with a 3years old son ,,with support,,,it made me hate life,,and after,going thru that for about two years,,,I cry out to god one night on my knees,, I ask god to give me a little faith so I can make it thru the week,,,not only did he give me the faith,but I found peace within my soul,,so since then I been walking by faith and not by sight…..I been furthering my education,, staying focus on my freedom and I’m growing to become I young man,,,,I can’t tell y’all what tomorrow holds for me,but I tell y’all today ,,I will live by faith and give god all my cares and worries in his hands,,,,,,,I’m gone come to a close for right now….PS..I cant change my past,,but I’ll work over time on my future…if y’all won’t to reach me ,,y’all can on,,d,o,c,!#..605913

Johndell Taylor
DOC #605913

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