Janerio Dewey

ANGRY MAN! by Janerio Dewey

Sometimes I am angry because I can be. Thats easier than dealing with some of the people and problems I am surrounded by everyday. Once I realized that happiness was a choice, I automatically knew that the same rule applied to anger. Just like I often choose happiness, I more often find myself choosing anger and not because I like being angry but out of habit. We often find ourselves unconsciously acting off impulse and not choosing what would be best for us. When I get angry I feel the weight of all my problems on my shoulders and it drags me down and drains me both mentally and physically. It feels like I am drowning in the sorrows of my rage, being held under the waters of my pain, while desperately fighting off the agony of my problems, hoping that a little glimmer of happiness would float by that I may grab hold to it and gleefully float to the shores of a problem free existence that may only exist in a different world or maybe a dream perhaps. We All have dreams. Some of us are living them, many are still chasing them, while a lot of us are running from them. As for me, I’m still chasing mines, hoping that I could come to a happy place where I am no longer drowning in my problems but merely using them as fertilizer for the growth of my happiness. Is it wrong to hope for a problem free existance when so many people are filled with distress and heart ache? Would it make me selfish to continue on this journey alone when so many people are stranded and in need of that same glimmer of happiness that I found in an ocean of sorrows? Just recently I realized that a lot of people dont know how to look for happiness or even what happiness looks like. You see the key to finding happiness is as simple as finding yourself. The sooner you realize who you are and come to terms with yourself then the sooner you will start to grow both mentally and spiritually. With that growth you will no longer care what others think about you. You will focus your happiness on yourself and not pleasing what others think of you. Once you take this first step you will find your glimmer in this vast ocean of sorrows and float to your land of LOVE, PEACE, AND ULTIMATELY, HAPPINESS.

Janerio Dewey

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