Shawn Diaz

Waking Up In Prison, by Shawn Diaz

Yeah it never seems to amaze me that no matter how many times I wake up,which is a blessing that God had giving me that opportunity to see life,even if it’s behind these walls of madness.I hate it that when my cell door pops open, I have to be on alert missing those morning out in the free world having someone laying there with me feeling safe in the presence of them.Here waking up in a cell with another guy above your head and trust me even if they were side by side hahaha it would’nt be an acceptable sight,But these are the minor things we don’t think about.I leave this thought in saying that God gives us all the gift of seeing the next day,But in prison I sometimes dred it but I honestly appreciate it because it gives me hope to one day waking up at home again.There is sooo much to being alive in prison and what you have to deal with on a daily basis but I’ll continue to pray that I wake no matter my situation. THE END

DOC #473-104

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