Shara Cooper

Nobody Knew, by Shara Cooper

She sat in darkness with silence filling her space.
Nobody knew that she was hurting inside with tears washing her face.
Feeling like the wind had been knocked out of her, there was no way to vision a recovery from the blow.
Nobody knew that she was struggling with all her might to hang on to hope.
The smile from her lips when crossing paths with others was far from sincere.
Nobody knew that she had long recoiled into a shell of fear.
Much time has past, one year to be exact.
Nobody knew that she barely kept her “normal” self intact.
Others come in and out of her life expecting her to be okay.
Nobody knew that she had been sitting in the dark of her soul day after day.

Nobody Knew…
If they would have asked she would have told them so.
Nobody knew that she only wanted somebody to allow her real emotions to flow.
Nobody knew…
For one whole year she had to pretend.
Nobody knew that she so desperately needed somebody to help make the pain to end.
Nobody knew…
So she continues to sit in the darkness with the silence that screams so loud.
Nobody knew that she just didn’t know how…

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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  1. Hey shara!! This is juju just wanted you to know you’re in my prayers and are very much loved. Keep that beautiful smile showing love the blog will definitely keep coming back love always!


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