Rodney Fenner

Other Senses? by Rodney Fenner

Hello world. Before I begin, I’d just like to say that if you don’t have an open mind about life and the things we don’t definitively know, you shouldn’t even read this. I know enough to understand that some people’s perspectives are nonnegotiable and that’s okay. However, for everybody else, I challenge you to decide for yourself what’s logical and reasonable by thinking independently of any bias or predetermined notions. Even if you ultimately disagree with my position, it’d be better if you went into this with an open mind. That being said, let’s begin. Science. This is our method of establishing fact, our method of proving what’s what’s provable. Some people even use science to challenge religion, saying that if they can’t see it, touch it, smell it or quantify it in some way, it doesn’t exist. The question I’m posing is, is that really true? Just because science can’t gauge it makes it unreal? There have been many instances where we’ve seen, heard of and experienced things that cannot be explained by science, right? What if these things can be explained and understood, but the instruments we have at our disposal as far as science is concerned are just inadequate or haven’t been invented yet? Every day, science discovers things that are as old as time when new technology is developed. Why couldn’t it discover something like that pertaining to humans? For me, it is very evident that there are things that exist beyond our physical senses. I’ve taken time to do a little research, however, I’ve also had my own experiences as well. Here is one recent instance. I was in a relationship with a woman for a while who had sent me pictures, but I’d never physically seen her. Naturally, with me being incarcerated, my desire to see her was immense and one night, I did. My transition into sleep that night was easier and smoother than usual, but it honestly didn’t feel like sleep. I felt fully awake and conscious as the vision in my eyes dimmed and the vision in my mind came to life with her as center focus. It was a real time experience, not a picture. The following day, I told her I saw her sleeping. I told her that she sleeps nude, she has really big pillows, she slept on her right side with one of said pillows between her arms and legs, she has an enormous bed that I assumed was king sized, that this particular night her dreads weren’t wrapped and I told her what side of the bed she sleeps on. I also told her I heard her snoring and that I could feel her heartbeat. She was stunned into complete silence because she’d never told me any of those things. When I asked how accurate I was, the only correction she made was that her bed was a California King. Some would say I was only dreaming, but would a dream really have been that spot on and in real time? Plus, having experienced it, I know better. That was just one instance in a plethora of others; one of the more believable ones. There are plenty more that are harder to believe and that I wouldn’t believe either if they hadn’t happened to me. My point is that something like seeing, hearing and feeling someone from a great distance (middle of Virginia to upper South Carolina) without any technological help is something that most would describe as outside of our sensory perception, fantasy or plain bullshit, but what if it weren’t any of those things? What if we have more senses? Here is a bit of logic to ponder. There is a portion of our brain that we do not use. People say we only use 10%, but according to Medical News Today, that’s a myth that was debunked by Barry Gordon in Scientific American and by a study published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. Also, there is a large part of our DNA that is considered “junk DNA” because scientists figured it useless. Some say the percentage is 75 and some go as high as 90. Do you really believe that beings such as ourselves, with such a deliberate and intricate construction, would have so much of that makeup that was there for nothing? I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s thrown the idea out there that there may be a correlation between the unused parts of our brain and “junk DNA”. What if the “useless junk DNA” controls portions of the brain that we aren’t using or visa versa? What if those portions of our brain would enable us to do things that we now deem “superhuman” and that we make movies about because it seems fantastical? What if things like remote viewing, astral projection, telekinesis, willed analgesia, telepathy and, among other things, flight were actually possible? What if, through a process like evolution through natural selection, parts of our “junk DNA” were being activated in some of us and enabling us access to the dormant parts of our brain that control these abilities? I know there are a lot of what ifs here, but if you know science, that’s what a hypothesis is; an if, then statement. It’s how scientific theories are started before they are proved. For the record, of the abilities I’ve mentioned, flight was the only one I wasn’t able to find any hard evidence of. If you look, there’s documented evidence of all those abilities, including military usage of remote viewing (being able to mentally see things and places in real time from a great distance). I actually encourage you to be skeptical and disbelieving so that you’ll do your own research. See for yourself. If you ARE disbelieving and DO research, I guarantee you’ll be surprised at the legitimate, documented things you find. Then, ponder this: if this information is readily available to the public, how much more are they keeping secret? I mean, its no secret that our government and every government around the globe keeps secrets from us, so that’s not farfetched. I challenge you to really mull this over. What, if any, other senses or abilities lie dormant in our makeup and beyond our control? Peace.

Rodney Fenner
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