Major McCormick

Observation, by Major McCormick

Its time to face reality I’ve faced “god” long enough Ive come to a final conclusion the god of that bible is convoluted too many tales and fables involved,the truth lost So what we’re holding on to is not pure,completely watered down the true power or if there was ever communication its completely lost More than likely what we have in the world today is all theory and very faint occurrences that resemble if not only mentally something that a God has done I believe this energy, being or whatever if it has ever been named required strict ceremonies and codes of conduct to even invoke some form of visitation which then came through a messenger.Kind of simple but more foreign to our thinking This place we live in was set in motion in an ancient time of experimenting and at one time it may have had a personal relationship with what created it or we are the never had a beginning or end and just are The more I look at people,now even more because I see 1000’s on a daily basis I see people as a lost race all seeking something that they never truly find One of my books really creates a story for our existence and the story they created for our existence or allowed us to read and is considered acceptable by the masses, but truth!Nothing can tell a true story better than experience and truth.I see the bible as concepts and some history of people who believed in a God what was written we can’t honestly say was no more than a collection of stories from 5,6,7,10’s of 1000’s of yrs ago and Constantine a man who boiled his own wife and had an agenda with power chose 66 books twisted scriptures into them and killed anyone who went against it and called it the bible. The fact that it was never to be a bible or a book or 66 chpt. Means whoever made it 66had a agenda. My very book deals with that agenda. Through thorough study and experimenting with total dedication and doing everything by the letter in different periods of my life and seeing the result. It would make the scriptures a lie and our minds automatic defense is to reason or make excuses for our faith or belief. Admitting that maybe we’ve been following half truths which equals falsifications. All of our life is a hard pill to swallow but if you look at how long you have been believing even if just a incey wincey bit you still don’t have the results that are promised in the scriptures. You can’t be that wrong that this god just relentlessly punishes ,you can’t be so perfect if that’s the requirement to receive his favor I’ve walked as perfect as any human could and did not receive what Daniel in his excellence received nor Job for his punishment nor any of the scriptures that speak of a speedy Justice from this god or a speedy return as the woman that complained in Luke. I do the math 7 yrs and 14 yrs and 21 yrs of literally unanswered prayers. Enough. So along the way in observation I observed in the course of a persons life prayer or not what is going to happen is going to happen and what it usually is that happens is what you put your energy into. If I want a ripped physique I don’t pray for that even if I did the only way I will get it is with my own energy. How we were created is not quite clear if by scripture, women should have an extra rib. Now I’m going back to my wife I’ve been praying for. In minutes Isaacs wife was found according to scriptures but in the habitual pattern of unanswered prayers again a bad example . instead of praying I am doing ,so this equals no more waisted energy in something that has proved for decades to be faulty.Outside of any prayer I notice things seem to really only happen for those who literally make it happen for them selves. And everything else kind of happens or happens to us. Here’s what’s been getting me. Through out my investigations Theres a lot of truths which are true in everyway but the church either denounces them or make it forbidden. Who is the church? The same ones that made the 66 chapters to mislead and it seems any time you get close to the truth they tell you not to believe it.I’m looking at the 1’s in power who have access to secrets that most common folks don’t and I pay attention to their behavior which most the time is not called Godly. So if they have secrets and power and they know what we don’t know and carry on as if hell truly does not exist then what do we have at play? Mary Baxter Howard storm. But you also have people who have had other experiences after death that trump hell they are also true to the person who experienced them in whatever dimension that exists in the mind or chemical reaction that takes place in those moments. I’ve been around a fair share of people who were dying and each 1 could see things or was experiencing things close to hallucination. Its another world that exists I’ve seen it with my own 2 eyes and have felt it and demostrated it to people at unawares or have exposed it to those as it was present I could literally show people around me the paranormal. Through so many experiences and actually going through life with my eyes wide open I’m forced to believe we are no more than what we think we are and believe if we believe in Allah we will fly that plane without a doubt.If they believe Buddhism is the way they will meditate without hesitation. If they believe Jesus in the scriptures they will suffer just like him in that story and accept failure of all kinds and surroud it with belief. I’ve stepped outside of the box and now follow truth only and truth to me proves itself every time. If I try to walk on water I will sink. If I curse that fig tree its not going to die. If I pray from 12am to 1pm to go home at 2pm and I truly believe it guess where I will be at 4pm being counted until its time to go home Sticking to the truth and reality helps you really deal with life on life’s terms I have not given up on my dreams or my life I’ve given up on everything false. in this life it’s the only way to truly succeed!

Major McCormick
DOC #686-167

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