Charles Carmen

What is the difference between God and the Devil? by Charles Carmen

now think about that question. before we go any farther.

I will start with the latter, the Webster’s new riverside university dictionary states :1 the major spirit of evil, ruler of hell,2 a wicked or malevolent person, 3 an energetic, mischievous, daring or clever person. so what is a major spirit of evil? demanding greater attention of evil. Spirit is breathe or the part of a human being associated with the mind and feelings distinguished from the physical body. malevolent is having a evil influence. person having a wicked soul is the devil. now God in the same dictionary states a being conceived as the perfect, omnipotent, originator and ruler of the universe. 2. the force ,effect or a manifestation or aspect of this being. 3: Christian science- used to refer to < " infinite mind, spirit, soul, life , truth, love. 4: a male deity held to control some part of nature or reality. God is the origin of mind and man. god is every original black mans nature b.u.t most lack the disaplen to control their own reality.
so now that you have the two words out of the dictionary let's make the words jump off the pages.
The differents to me is that they are both beings so they exist in the physical yet one is right and the other wrong. one good and the other evil. is to defined the differents other then god and the devil.
god created the heavens, which is a state of mind. the sole controller and ruler of your universe.god is us the master builders of civilization. The physical devil is the Caucasian white man, who was manufactured on the Island of Patmos. by a original black man who was god, born. you.truth. he was dissatisfied with his people. so he had a predetermined ideal from when he was young playing with two pieces of a magnetic. one side retracted and the other repealed . to make a race of people, from the originalblack man. the father of this devil name was yukub- of the Bible his name was jacob. to make a wicked race of people from your own people is a hell of a malevolent person. so with the information stated today, its safe to say. god maded the devil to do devilishment. so we as a people must be mindful of our own thoughts to not become the rulers of hell within our own selves.

Charles Carmen
DOC #669-367

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