Micheal Roston

Power Control! by Micheal Roston

Delighted, I’am to be swept away by gestures of return chop sticks. As, I gaze before a lonely man heart, my softness wrap around jupiters ring of decisions. Empower by the same old song that repeat a restricted area. I forward myself to completetion, which flies along side the dark red midnight picture. The whisper of the blue sound jack hammer green portals of circumstances. Above the greatness shadows under a pound of degree that kill many rules. Twisted by arm length passion invoke nobility that spook a famous actor inbetween crimp turniups. Seeking awareness dance intone digest acid pills of pleasure. that sleep nations of color reinactment fees. Answer by up-grade bio chemical free drop fudge bars which delegates spirit of trust. As the beat jams butter ducks behind other worlds play list. That high lights a heavy heart crush ice skate circle around flumes of power control.

Micheal Roston
DOC #63996

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