Adam Smith

Introduction Blog, by Adam Smith

My name is Adam Smith but I go by my Islamic attribute which is Adam Abdul Al-Azim and that means the first born a servant of The Great One which is Allah.I am 26 years old and I will be turning 27 may the 13th.I begun my incarceration june 21 2012 and my out date is july 21 2027.I go up for parole march 23 2020 and (insha Allah) I can make parole.I am from New Orleans LA,I am 5 feet 6 inches tall,I weight 180lbs.I workout everyday,my body is very toned and I have a really nice built.I keep myself up every single day I am a (Muslim) and we believe in purification.I do fear (Allah-God) and I pray 5 times adayhoping to make it to paradise.Now that you know a little something about me here is my contact info:Adam Smith#618753 David Wade Corr.Center 670 Bell Hill Road Homer LA,71040 Thank you readers for reading my intro if anyone wonna contact me contact at the above address because this is my last stamp I have on the jpay machine.Once again Thank you all and may Allah Bless the whole Universe….

Adam Smith
DOC #618753

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