Adam Hudson

Wore Out And Beaten Down, by Adam Hudson

~The rain keeps falling down, just like the tears that fall down from my face caused by all the pain I hold inside.
So many sleepless nights full of empty dreams, I close my eyes, but I still see, I plug my ears, but I still hear. The screams are so loud.
Soon the sun is up and again I will do all over again that’s been done, like a mechanical robot I am controled.
This I have become is not who I am. More than theses 4 walls and iron bars I want. I pray to the lord ” come save my soul or at least what remains.” ~

I’m not that great at poetry. but I try and I have been told that lot of things I have written is kinda dark. I guess that’s only because I write about my depressions, the things that hurt me…idk, I just write.
Thanks for listening

Adam Hudson #737-672
P.O Box 45699
Lucasville, Ohio, 45699

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