Isadore Barboza

Lost and Alone, by ISADORE BARBOZA

Recently I lost my nephew and there was no one I could turn to, here at this prison I asked to speak to the Chaplin who said I needed a family member to call and tell him there was a death in the family before he would speak to me, I thought that’s what chaplains did speak and pray for people struggling with personal problems, or pain, or tragic situation in someone’s life, I guess not…
Anyway Andrew was 22 years old ,a really good person very respectful, loving, a really great big brother, he was smart, a martial artists, a really great person and I couldn’t be there for him, instead I been in prison over six years away from him and all my family,I really feel bad, sad, depressed, it sucks not having no one to turn to,all I can do is pray…
Thanks for listening to me,please pray for my strength to stay strong, and that I continue to move on because it’s hard,God bless you all I really appreciate this opportunity to get heard…
Well I can be reached two ways: at jpay. com ISADORE BARBOZA #1001655192(Georgia department of correction). or ISADORE BARBOZA #1001655192 5368,Valdosta Ga 31603

Signed an innocent man,

DOC #1001655192

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