He Loves Me! by Shara Cooper

How amazing to think that He Loves Me!
In awe since I often feel so unlovable.
My feelings though are not HIS facts.
Fact is HE sees me as totally lovable and so He Loves Me!

Hair not done.
No make up on.
Wearing nothing pretty at all.
Obviously being my natural self is no deal breaker because still He Loves Me!

Some moments I am sad from the reality of life’s circumstances.
Some days I am stressed from pressures around.
Some times I am simply not so kind because of aggravation.
For some reason still, He Loves Me!

Forgetting to hold a conversation with HIM because I am moving too fast.
Neglecting to share my day with HIM claiming to be too tired.
Refusing to assemble myself with others to talk about HIM because of the lies they bring.
Even knowing all of these things, still, still He Loves Me!

HE knows all about me.
HE knows my good, my bad, and my ugly.
HE knows what others don’t know about me.
HE sees what I won’t let others see. Truth be told, if I could hide it from HIM I would. But, HE sees.
HE knows me to the core.
And, still HE Loves Me Unconditionally!

How amazing to think upon the fact that He Loves Me!
Even more amazing is the fact that He Loves You too!
He Loves Us! And, truly we really don’t deserve HIS amazing love.
Still, Jesus Loves me!
Still Jesus Loves You!
I am in awe of His Amazing Love!
Are You?

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

Categories: religion, Shara Cooper

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