Angelo Vasquez


a candle lit pathway in shear agony beckons this fallen seed.
forge another sympathy and leave me alone
don’t follow stay away
people die down …this terrible terrible strange way
the trees bare rotten spirits, hanging bodies are lowered down. The ground has its feast and cold embrace, as above so below the buried seed rots in display of false affection.
I am he who in every life stumbled purposely into agony.
this life is more torrid than the last
I feel every curse you cast
I feel every curse you cast
you wish I was dead and never born…
here I lay before them, every angel and demon
I always see them when I sleep
the trees are black and drenched in oil and I hear keys to forgotten doors run down the halls.
my falls echoe beyond me crawling to an old mans gloom, he sees the other side more than his own. He was Dunwich born, both in this world and the next.
The last wishes were to be left alone and to not be saved. Down this way there’s no saving me, its never been a desire. You’re light has only antagonized the shadows of being.
I’ll guide mine with absence and they’ll find themselves by searching within when they finally see no one will be saved by another.
They must struggle and suffer to live and only give up to die.
People die down to silence and phantom feelings of their raves, their protests and beliefs they died for are felt inside of us. They die down here in the strangest ways, souls trapt in blades I forged in love of my enemie.
I was ready every time I died, I invite the end of death and Scorpios dawn.
I invite, I conjure, I call on every angel and demon, on every god thought forgotten! I the walking talisman never die without it as a desire! you are my ghost and my fire, hail the forbidden! Hail the forbidden!
Expressions of the apes we live in only display hints of spirit in an animal.
Is it wrong to murder for my spiritual belief? is it wrong to be?
The rain brakes the noose as thunder cracks my name! You cursed my path as a foe against yours! And now dear fool …it will be.

CDC #G07505

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