I’m sitting here on my bunk on this (6) Equality day. Equality is the science of each one teach one according to their knowledge. First u have to understand that black people make up more than 89% of the world population. The colored man (Caucasian man) born from the caucus mountains, uses deceptive intelligence to master, attack and destroy the original people. This is done by first making us think we are all different. This is why u hear original people saying, I’m Panamanian, or I’m Nigerian, or I’m African, I’m this I’m that and so on. This is the tool the devil uses to divide us. Once divided we unknowingly aid the destruction of our own people. Look at the military. Its majority original people killing their own around the globe. Just look at the propaganda of so-called “terror”. These people are freedom fighters fighting for freedom, justice and equality by any means necessary. Quaddafy was a freedom fighter that Regan labeled as a terrist. Reagan was trying to get Quanddafy to ally his military so the u.s. could get to the oil reserves. Instead, Quaddafy supprted the black struggle here in America and donated 5 million dollars to Minister Louis Farrakahn for the N.O.I. This is when In retaliation, Reagan assassinated Quaddafys character by labeling him terrist. Reagan then invaded the Gulf of Sidra, 12 miles within Libya’s coast line. In His attempts to assassinate Quaddafy he bombed Tripoli.

To make matter worst, In the 1940s, Japan was working to bring the Black and Brown people of the world together. Along India and other Middle East Nations, Japan was sending delegates to build alliances with Black Nationalist in the U.S. They worked with the Moorish Sciencd Temple, The United Negro Improvement Association, the AME Church, and the Nation of Islam. By 1942, the gov has concerns about black support for Japan conquering the U.S. in war. On August 6, 1945, The U.S. became the first and only country to drop atom bombs on another country. They bombed Hiroshima, and Nagasaki Japan killing more than 70,000 original people. The President Truman US called it, “the greatest day in history”. After Japan Surrendered, the U.S. began rebuilding the country, this time according to a new set of rules. Baseball replaced sumo wrestling, along with European racist ideology that are still present today. You still have aboriginal tribes thru out the Pacific Islands that avoid the infectionist contact of european nations. In the Andaman Islanders, elders retreat anytime they hear helicopters. One of the Sentinelese are seen in the only photo taken, grabbing his nuts while looking at the heliocopter. These attempt to destroy the original inhabitants are nothing new. We the original people have always made things in our image. Mounments such as The Stonehenge, the pyramids in Giza, China and Central.and South America, as.well.as the Sphinx all resemble the orginal people. Pharaoh Khufu constructed the Sphinx as a means to preserve our image. In 1798, Napoleon, in his attempts to finish the destructive work of so-called Alexander the great, shot 21 canons to blow off the broad nose.of the sphinx. Hence the 21 gun salute. Today they have been successful in monopolizing knowledge in destroying our mental image. So now they attempt to destroy the image of history within our DNA. Think about the Bubonic Plague, Scarlet Fever, Chicken Pox, Tuberculosis, Gonorrhea, and the Tuskegee Syphilis ExperimentFrom 1932-1972, the Tuskegee Experiment used 600 men to studythe effects of untreated syphilis in 399 black men with 201 having no disease. They were asked to be tested for bad blood. They were given free rides, examinations and $50 for burial cost. They denied penicillin which was available in 1940. It was a state wide mandate for all medical centers to have “hands off” during study. After 25 yrs in the study, participants were given certificates. In 1972, newsman Harry Reasoner reported human beings were used as laboratory animals to see how long it take syphilis to kill someone. In 1987, the same tactics were used for the Aids virus which was created in a laboratory from Bovine virus in cattle and the Vesna virus in sheep. When these two cross, Aids is the result. They hide the truth with the military code name Green Monkey, implying it came from monkeys. Lie! Dr. Sabi discovered the cure to Aids in the 1980’s. The gov killed him. Nipsey Hussle committed to make Dr..Sabis legacy known. He was gunned down. Nick Canon said he will pick up the legacy.
But Unknowingly to 85% of the world, To develope smallpox vaccine, scabs are taken from cattle infected with the disease. The Bovine virus is in the vaccines mandated for our children to go to their schools. See the trickery.. Luckily, I have the affidavit to exempt or children from having to be lab rats. Keep in mind, melinated original people are protected by the sun. 🙂 I’ll attach this in Another post

Tommie Forster #1403251
Nottoway Correctional Center
P.O. Box 488
Burkeville, VA 23922
Or JPay.com
State Virginia Number 1403251

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