Davin Wallace


Hey, Its been a minute, but the missing haven’t been worthless. I definitely have been continuously walking with the Lord. Of course trying to walk with the Lord in our own strengths, knowledge and selfishness we can find ourselves walking a hard walk or in circles. I have fell in love with Lord and His wonderful glory. His presence is so fulfilling and uplifting in every way that it removes Dave and allow me to truly see God, and thru His lenses, allowing me to vision, receive and give love, grace and mercy. God is doing so many things thru and unto me here at Deep Meadows correctional to the point I ask God how and why me? And that’s a rhetorical question. Right now I’m facilitating a Commercial Driver License (C.D.L) class as well as ADDICTED DRUG DEALING (A.D.D), a program that I created and currently facilitate. Of course my release date still reads 2036 in the computers and in the natural it’s no reason I should come home, but I still stand in faith of my God and His Word, and in hope of the freedom that He has revealed to me. So with saying, I’ll see y’all on the outside any day now as I been saying this whole year. And be assure my freedom hasn’t been given to me in no form or fashion other than by grace thru faith.
Oh! Glory be to God that regardless of what my life and Kydada’s life continue to be proven they were predestined as we are to be happily married regardless of our shortcomings, trials and getting on each others nerves at times. Look forward to me and Kydada’s books that tells one story from two different perspectives. God bless

DOC #1101851

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