John Salyers Jr.

GODDESS BLESS, by John Salyers

Although I consider myself an “Eclectic” in my spiritual journey through life,
I am “officially” classified as Wiccan/Pagan within the prison religious classification system.
I receive passes for spiritual ceremonies, and generally attend 7 each year, including 2 special meals/feasts, yearly as well.
My biggest pull toward Wicca is the sacredness & reverence toward the feminine aspect and divine energy associated with Goddess worship, as well as the symbology of the Moon in that regard.
I do consider myself a Witch ( wise woman ), and the magic I practice is pure “white”, in the form of tolerance, selfless acts of loving kindness, acceptance, patients, feminine expression, teaching others, and the constant seeking of the divine Goddess in all ( everything imaginable ).
I am a free spirited, adventurous, fun loving person who totally relates to the Wiccan Reede: “If it harm none, do as thy will” 🙂
Goddess Bless,

John Salyers #185067
5900 BIS Road
LANCASTER, Ohio 43130

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