Anthony Waters

A PRAYER, by Anthony L. Waters


lock down in this hell hole I am trying to escape plus trying to keep my faith,
I am not asking u to come down to show your face and open up gates,
with keys to make me believe,
I am asking u to give me wisdom to understand this situation I am in,
give me power like u gave Daniel cause I am now in the lions den,
I ask u to protect me from my family cause I can handle my friends,
yet I thank u for forgiveness because u helping me make amends,
God I come to u humble,
u sent your angels to hold me up when I stumbled,
I cry loud and spare not,
I lift up my voice like a trumpet,
Oh heavenly father I’m asking u to save me,
life is so hard it got me going crazy,
for I am weak,
God I pray that u protect my sheep,
anointe me from my head to my feet,
as I close my eyes give me peace as I sleep,
replace the good with the bad,
let the fruits of the spirit not only shine but let the world hear it
and fear it.
thank u God for shining your light so bright,
in the most darkest places,
give me a chance to put a smile on different faces..

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786

Categories: Anthony Waters, poems, religion

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