Travis Tucker

Real people Not Slaves, by Travis Tucker

The hardest Battle I ever fought in life is to reject the slave mentality…I grew up in extreme poverty,All praises is due to my mother who worked serval Job’s to keep us a roof over our heads. One of those Job’s was a security guard downtown Portsmouth at harbor fests and other event’s…(Since I was a kid I always knew i would be doing prison time)Those visions somehow always been apart of my thought’s since I was introduced to my environment…Harsh reality’s we had to go to neighbors with buckets to ask for water,Only to come back and empty them in the toilet to flush the feces and urine.Can you imagine living in the richest country on earth having to bathe out of a bucket or use the restroom on top of clogged up feces and urine???No light’s or running water,eating flour bread with syrup was my favorite meal…This is only the half,We were then sent to foster home’s we’re my mentality was shaped and moulded by me myself and I.This isn’t in any shape from a knock on my mother for she done the best she could it was 5 of us three boys and two girl’s.While inside of this foster home or mini prison,I say prison because I was took away from everything I love sent to a foreign part of town with mutiple different families that was now motherless and fatherless and though some of these foster people was really good people make no mistake they were getting paid to do a job!The mentality that I developed was self hate,,,from the womb all the way up till 2005 when I found myself and purpose In life…

This self hate came in many forms that I could not have identified with In the early stages of my life,the music I listen to was one form it only contained killing,Drug dealing,and degrading women this music had a gravitational pull on me from the minute I heard the beats,The people playing it I idolised they was the big ballers so naturally the images and tunes mixed with poverty was the melting pot for a modern day slave who could only exist as a slave because I had no culture no identity of my true self,no self worth all I knew was misery,Choas,Poverty…
Far as school the only thing I samed to enjoy was free lunch and the female’s I couldn’t see a future in it nor did i really understand it’s purpose in my life at the time,I had ADHD I was really hyper and angry all the time so I stayed in alternative school’s it may have just been my rebellious nature towards racism as what I would call white supremacy Tenet’s being perpetuated all throughout the school’s I often wondered what did my forefathers look like and where was my history I seen little to none…Right there in that foster home I knew I’d be a drug dealer slash arm robber or simply a hustler as I became,Striving to elevate me and my family by all means necessary!!!
I vowed to never come back to a foster home ever again…Dear Queen,a slave is one who is not self employed,One who worships the religion of a people other than his own,One who can’t think for himself! Our people black people are still in a slave mentality allowing the government whom sanctioned slavery and all these prisons and law’s which binds people of color that exist in some of poorest parts of the land that we were given after the emancipation proclamation.When Lincoln was forced to end physical slavery,our people were conditioned through bad foods (pork) which we was Introduced to In slavery bottom of the barrel food that’s outcasts in the bible and Koran our people was Muslim’s,Sun worshippers and some believed that man and woman was and is the highest power on earth and contest they never seen a god in the clouds and that those types of teachings are lies to conceal the true nature of yourself john 10-34.This conditioning is the process meats genetically modified fruit’s inorganic oranges with no seeds, You are what you eat we were veggies.The propaganda of the media news outlets that get paid to feed the public lies,Commercials of food on every channel etc…Dear Queen I said that I knew I would be In prison as a young boy I seen it in my visions I could never accept a world that didn’t accept me,Me as in being black,Always remember love yourself embrace your blackness because the absolute truth is there’s nothing in the universe as beautiful or powerful then you…Peace to all the young beautiful shinning star’s…

Travis Tucker #1091722
Nottoway Correctional Facility
Burkeville,Va 23922
P.O box 488

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