Essah Shahid

My Introduction, by Essah Shahid

Hi, my name is Essah. I am currently 20 years old (I turn 21 in November). its been a long time since I have been asked to express myself or just talk about something in or around my life and at first I was like naw because there isn’t anything to write about. Then every body around me kept saying man its some great things that can come from it and you’re a smart young dude !!! Soooo I’m here, and I hope I can inspire some great minds to expand their horizon and do what i did and try something new. I am from Cleveland Ohio. I was locked up April 28th, 2017. I am currently incarcerated for aggervated robbery. I get out in 2023.
I swear this time is flying, but of course everyone else feels different. I think the best part of my incarceration is the knowledge and skills I can gain. Also, the different experiences. Most of my future bloggs will be about me, and a lot of questions I have. I’ll answer any questions you may have… about me, or just things around me.
I appreciate you taking your time and reading this. If you have anything you wanna’ talk about, you can jpay me by downloading jpay and entering my inmate number which, I will include at the end of my blogg.
I am very open minded about most things. I’m a social person. I like to kick it, laugh and have fun. You know how we do where I’m from ( turn up!). Haha… naw foreal ….. I feel like life is what u make it. Nobody can determine how u feel or act.
I think this is it for right now. I’ll make sure to write some more real soon.

Be safe. Put God first. And remember… “Its your life, and you only got one of ’em”. So as we say……Turn up!!!!!!

Essah Shahid
DOC #702-336

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