Marvin Burrage


I sat in my cell for a couple of days just getting my mental tight,when I came out I went to lunch as I walked to chow I got to seeing a lot of people I knew,ran into my mine man Jimmy Wade this was my dude and he didn’t have no legs but you couldn’t tell because he did everything,he introduced me to some of the guys and I had to pop my one two so everybody would know BUCKY G is in the house,doing time in green bay was sweet I mean that was the spot and I did my thing and I stayed in trouble,I meet this brother named Alphonso,and my best friend NOBBER WILLIAMS AKA SILKY,we ran together every day,when it was time to ride out we rode out together to a camp called kettle larain then from there we rode out to a half way house together,I meet this older chick name Jessi she was cool she knew the game plus I was young 19 teen and she was in her 30’s,soon as I got to the halfway house she came to visit and did her thing,I was only there two nights we me,Silky and a dude name Heart was in the room getting high as hell the room was so smokie when I opened the door and let the staff member in he made all of us piss in a cup,three days later we all was sent to the house of correction and man was that place crowded, but me a Silky was always together,he got released first I was released area months later,Jessi was there to pick me up,I went to the bank and cashed the check I had for four hundrend dollars, then I went and brought myself some clothes,Levi’s and a pair of hustler’s,everybody wear hustler’s if you don’t know you ain’t gonnna know you have to be from the city,anyway I get home with Jessi and meet her family and she had some cool brothers and they dropped a bag of weed on me,everybody was drinking and smoking and just having a good time,that night I must have fucked for hours,when her pussy went dry I used some lotion,I fucked until I past out and woke up and rolled back into some more pussy,got up eat breakfast took a bath and she took me to find my dude Silky,we found his house and we was glade to see each other so I told Jessi she could leave,me and Silk went and got something to drink and smoke,I meet his sister and dam she looked good I knew then I wasn’t going home tonight,we kicked it all day,me Silk and his sister Tina,later that night I spent at least half an hour kissing on Tina,yeh she was cool,me and silk would hustle everyday all day and my ole girl Jessi wanted me to stay at home all the time but being young you wanted to be in the streets,plus that was all I knew,I would leave her house and go over my girlfriend house yeh Raymel was my first girlfriend when I moved to Milwaukee,

DOC #A256209

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