James DeWitt

A Reason To Smile, by James Dewitt

Just as it’s not been easy for so many people, it hasn’t been easy for me to advance beyond a life long pain that anchored itself to the floors of my heart. A hurt that attributed a negative and doubtful perception of both love and family. I’ve learned that the brain stores information based on the levels of emotions attached to the event. Some events trigger such high levels of emotions that the brain sends the memory of it directly to the long term memory section to never be forgotten. In my childhood I experienced such a traumatic event that caused doubt of love and family well into my adulthood. The memory is so strong that I face those doubts every night when there’s nothing else to take the focus. For so long they’ve influenced my dreams and my hopes toward the future, even causing me to lose hope for a real encounterance with real love and real family. But God won’t leave you there if you continue to lean on Him and trust that He’s walking you towards a future that He can be Glorified in. I have met believers that have given my spirit and my flesh a new understanding of love and family. I’ve asked, “What makes me worthy of such love and such family”? Answer: My Father. He provides brothers and sisters to deliver the experience and guides them in creating and sharing a love that’s genuine and flavored with the presence of His Holy Spirit. Caring believers along with GodBehindBars have played a pivotal role in bringing this experience. I have discovered new reasons to smile which adds sunshine to what was seemingly days filled with pain and depressions. I’ve always been one to mask my feelings with an external smile. I perfected the art of camouflaging my hurts through displaying joys. I needed to confront the unimaginable and God saw that. He brought me face to face with love beyond reason and love without conditions. How can I not smile all the day long? That’s a rhetorical question! I have been filled with jubilation and flooded with love because He has provided me with the things that I felt I never deserved. He has called forth his servants to pour into my life and I can’t be thankful enough. I say all this to express my gratitude for His awesome works. What He does for one He will do for all. Anyone needing to hear this listen well; He will deliver you reasons to smile if you continue to trust in His timing. Lean not on your own understanding for that can only produce an outcome of you own expectation. Look for His outcome which in almost all cases surpasses your expectations. I pray that this message brings revelation to someone in need of smiling. God knows your condition. He knows what you need and how much time He’s got to get it to you. Profess your trust in Him so that it can raise you up above any doubts that may slide into your minds. Acknowledge Him in all your ways and you will see Him produce Smile after Smile after Smile in your life. Take it from me…….He’s real, and the smiles He deliver are real. I see my reasons to smile all the time and I hope that by you reading this…….You See Yours! Love You.

James Dewitt
DOC #1007872

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  1. This is an amazing man and one who has the greatest smiles of all time. God jas truly blessed me to know him personally and blessed to be on the waiting side to give him that well drserved hug!!! Love always ” picking up those feathers “


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