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Well here is another picture for the collection I have been doing nothing but fine tuning the body as you can see. I feel great and happy and healthy as ever physically mentally and emotionally and even half way psychologically lol. I have been doing a lot of reading lately as well and have also learned how to sew by hand so I have been tailoring my clothes to fit correctly instead of all losely and ill fitting as they give us here in prison in the wonderful state of Ohio lmfao…Im trying not to get into a depression as I do most holidays because when I do it seems like I subconsiencely wind up self -destructing and wind up in the hole then I have to get my shit together all over again and I am sick of repeating the same process each year and it is crazy that I have justnow noticed in my reflections the pattern in my behavior so now this year I stand to correct it and start a new begining in my life a new chapter persay and just live my live to the fullest that I possibly can while I am behind these bars and hopefully meet someone interesting and fun and who can hold an intelligent conversation and doesnt become overly boring after two or three phone calls… L.O.M.L. I am still here waiting on you….


John R. Mcconnell #a731-514
W.c.i. 120
Lebanon, Oh 45036 and Jpay

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