Michael Hecht

Illusions of Choice, by Michael Hecht

Michael Hecht
age: 36
DOA: Dec. 11, 2014
Release date: Dec. 2025

Does anyone else feel like it doesn’t matter who wins the election, that we’ll just get 8 years of the same shit we’ve been having? I’m so angry at our society for having failed me so many times throughout the years before my incarceration that I’m hopeful of a military coup that results in regime change within my lifetime. I have no confidence that anyone allowed to run wants to, or will be allowed to, work on anything that is truly important to the majority due to being stalled by the other party or being persuaded not to by large corporations. Maybe regime change is what we need, maybe it’s inevitable once the wealth and power concentrates in the hands of the privileged. Carl Marx describes much of what we’re seeing today as the beginning of the end of capitalism. I believe there is no “making it great again” if great was ever the word to describe it. I had a point to make, that point was not to expect any positive change, but like most times I think about our elected officials and I become angry at the direction the world has gone and go off topic so I’ll just sum it up by saying don’t pick the person you like, pick the policies you like and also realize that the person who has the better sounding policies is really just a better liar than the others ;). I cannot read replies to my blogs on the web, so if you want, send me mail at:

Michael Hecht #719-220
p.o. box 69 L.O.C.I
London, OH 43140

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