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Homestead Correctional Institution…Leading By Example (cont), by Alvatina Flucker

My last blog was sent prematurely and for that I apologize…….

I also have been slack in writing, for that I deeply, apologize as well.

In most citizens minds, there is a concept where It is presumed that offenders have nothing but time, so there should be plenty accomplished within the system. However, that is not really the case—-there is a lot of time, but it is wasted time! Sad but oh-so true!

In leading by example, we must do and be what we are expecting of others or what we are teaching others. Which It is really tough to do or be, when it is not who you truly are. We have authorities that are far from being effective leaders.

A typical day that is expected from the incarcerated is a routine of WORK! Every single day there is work… is what the law calls for for a person convicted of a crime—-WORK—–and lots of it.

We are supposed to start the day at 5:00am for breakfast, pill-line, medical call-outs, etc. but we are actually up before that—being that we are counted hour upon hour until 5:00 am.

However, at this time of morning all of the destinations are on escorted moves before the sunrise.

Count is at 7:30am and after that count clears, then there is what is called- “work call”. Everyone has an assigned job detail that you are to report to at work call.
Everything is by mass movements, that you MUST be ready to make at work call or you miss that movement and have to wait for the next movement. This results in disciplinary action if not adhered to………..
God forbid if the Officer miss the call, don’t make the call or just plain refuse to let you move on the call……….most of the day is on stand by, hurrying up to wait!

At these times, leading by example means being prepared to endure the treatment that is grossly unfair, with a good and respectful attitude, although you KNOW that it is neither right or fair, but vital.

I’d like to write things that are encouraging and uplifting. When I can’t seem to find those two prerequisites, I tend to shy away from writing.

A few weeks ago I was sent a very, very awesome book that opened my eyes to the fact that I believed in good things and good outcomes for everyone—EXCEPT ME!!!!

I wanted everyone else to have a good life, a second chance, a fair chance, a fighting chance (and I still do), because I didn’t see where I could, or would, or even should have the same.

I found that I tend to fight for things and people, because no one did it for me.
I know what I wanted and what I needed and when I didn’t receive it I believed that I didn’t deserve it or that I wasn’t worth it.

I throw myself 100% into an effort, because I want people to succeed…… know that they CAN be successful——regardless of the hand that life had dealt to them.

So-o-o-o, I endure these hardships and I endure them with grace and with confidence, because I “AM” a leader and I “DO” make a difference.

My location does not dictate my destination!

I know first hand that his place is brutal, it is demeaning. It will break you and cause you to not want to tolerate unnecessary friction and take the easy way out, as painless as possible.

Where does this all come from and what does it add up too, you may ask?
Well——today is one of those days where we had to hurry up and wait. Accomplishing nothing—-but on stand by to do something productive today.
I skipped lunch to write this blog and I am determined to write more often, grow my followers and always…..I mean “ALWAYS” Lead By Example!

Today was one of those days where there was truly unnecessary rudeness and condescension. Intentional provocation. Abuse of Authority. Demeaning supervision. We endured it with the strength of each other—the fellow offenders.

This is a very, very tough time………….
However, I am determined to push forward, always reminding myself of my worth and the worth of those that I am fighting for change for. We deserve to be the best returning citizens that we can be and it starts here and it starts NOW!

Yet, the sad part of this is there is NOT a clear path to rehabilitation………
The slogan for the Department of Corrections is, “Inspiring success by changing one life at a time”. Hogwash!!!!!!! (ain’t heard that in a long time!) šŸ™‚
This is a fight and if you don’t know what you need to fight for how can you fight?
Well, I know what I want to fight for, because I know what I need!
I need support and I need help to better equip these ladies with fair chances to be successful, because we are worth it……..another chance!
With education and reprogramming of the thought patterns and practical applications, a difference can be made.
Teaching how to endure hardness and growing despite the obstacles in the paths.

I’ve said it before, but it is a pleading at this point…..
If you follow this blog, reach out to me and let me know.

Do you have any Insights?
I am open and I “WANT” to hear what you have to say!
I am on a journey that needs to have many voices heard.

Contact me at:

Alvatina L. Flucker #507101
Homestead Correctional Institution
19000 S. W. 377 the Street Suite 200
Florida City, Fl. 33034

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