Melvin Shaw Jr.

At War and Dealing With Distant Relations, by Melvin Shaw

so lately I been reading these books about ppl in the service, in the how do they think positive through everything that’s going on. as in being in the war not knowing what your days may have planned for you. in dealing with the distant relationship between your family and your lover. it seems like it is so hard to remain calm in these types of situations. because at times you may not be able to reach out to your loved ones for months at a time . then on there end they may be just as worried as you if not more because of where you are. life can be changed in a split sec where never known what can happen at times. being in the war is good and bad . good because it builds discipline you mentally and physically, it also can help strengthin bonds with loved ones. its bad because it leaves so many family’s worried . and your life is on the line some ppl bonds dimish at times in it leaves your emotional mind wondering things . THE DISTANT RELATION we have to stay mentally strong if we are the ones at war. keep faith alive . in for the family’s with ppl at war think positive at all times in know that your loved ones are okay in always thinking about what may be on all y’all minds. ppl at war constantly think about there loved ones while they are away non stop…
to be continued

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