Tony Lewis

A Letter to A Senator, by Tony Lewis

” Nothing is worth more than this day.”


Dear Kamala Harris:
Four nights ago, on the 22nd, I was moved to write you this here letter.
It was a little after nine, and instead of watching the Pistons fight off the Bucks, my television, was on CNN, as I watched you and others debate, on issues and solutions. Now, considering the fact that Im a young black and a ”thug” from D.C….that, alone, should speak volumes.
Senator,before I explain my reasons for reaching out to you so randomly, and how this letter can be very conducive to you winning the presidental race, allow me to first tell you about who I was… so you can respect and accept who I AM.
Ten Years Ago…
It all stated over nothing; something, so…frivilous. The street beef I had got caught up in, had opened a door of demons; one I’d tried keeping a lock on for years. The sexual addiction I’d been battling since a child, began to act as a spreading fungus on my morals; which as a result, caused me to go off and do the undignified; commit rape.
For my negative thinking, I was given life in prison. And the reason Im write this letter to you now is because, I dont want to forfeit all the priceless things of life, all behind my first run in with the law.
So now, here I am ten years after my conviction…and lately, my conscious has been knawing at my heart like a termite on oak. I understand alot more now than I did then. My perspective, on life, has changed tremendously ( all thanks, to this book called The Traveler’s Gift by Andy Andrews)
The way Im starting to view life NOW, is the reason I want to do whats necessary; and thats make something of myself from prison, so I can give back to those women I affected, in a way thats never been done before.
Miss Harris, I want give each of my victims a million dollars, along with a sincere apology. And when I do that, I would like that endeavor to grant me access, to have a deep conversation with you and others about the issues we are faced with, pertaining to overpopulated prisons; for I’ve thought on a solid solution:
The Second Chance Act.
I believe this bill ‘The Second Chance Act’ will be very benefical to your current mission, pertaining to prison reform. If incarcerated men and women knew of more positive and productive ways to make a difference from prison, they would be able to produce more positive outcomes and more positive impacts within their inner circles, which would most likely spread out to other lost souls, and encourage and entice them, to do better, for a hope of gaining clemency one day in the future.
I believe through my success…all of that will be possible. Because through my success and claim of redemption, I can show through expreience that not all convicts are the same…some really can change and make a difference.
I would love the oppurtunity to discuss this with you in more detail.

As I write this letter, I have very little money. However, as I write this I’ve created several attempts at making contact with a slew of celebrities -like Cardi B, Brandy and even Van Jones from CNN-, requesting their mentorship, to assist me in my entrepreneurial endeavors. Each (idea) endeavor I present to them( for instance, the shoes I developed for Cardi B and Nike) can generate for me atleast two million dollars in royalties. All I need, is someone to hear me out and believe in what I can do.Because once that mentor comes into my life, with an eagerness to help me… I promise you…all I said I will do, will be done.
So, until that day Miss Harris know that someone… somewhere…in one of the most distressed places on earth, is striving not to add chaos to the world, but to make a difference. And Miss Harris…thats real talk.
I look forward to hearing back from you in the near future.
My struggle, continues.

Sincerly Expressed,

Tony T.Lewis
DOC #98308

This letter to Kamala Harris was written by a prisoner who is striving to make American History, by doing someting so remarkable and inspirational.
The more positive support he recieves from the public the quicker he can change the lives of those women on his case.
Together…we CAN make a miracle.

Tony can be contacted for conversation via He looks forward to meeting all of you supporters. MAY God bless all who reads these words.

2 Corinthians: 2

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