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Chillin’ at The Zendo, by Jennifer Warren


Welcome fellow humans to the Zendo! (no offense to any internet savvy quadripeds out there- you are sentient beings too!) A while back we had a Buddhist group from San Diego visit the “Zendo”. They are different from the monk who teaches us mindfulness in that they teach mostly about Buddhism with less emphasis on psychology. Anyway, on this last visit their monk talked about the various paths we can take. I can’t remember if he was talking about types of Buddhism or various religious paths, but his advice could apply to both. He said that each of them is like a cup. All of the cups are different but each is a kind of container. He seemed to be suggesting that it doesn’t necessarily matter which one selects, but that one should choose.

I think that’s probably right. I mean if I try to simultaneously drink out of two or more cups, the contents of one or both of them is likely to wind up all down my shirt. Heck- half the time it’s all I can do to not end up wearing my morning coffee regardless of what I do! So, that got me thinking about what precisely a religious path is meant to do for us and what is religious life exactly? Are we in 2019 so spiritual now that we have transcended religion completely? Doesn’t seem like it when I take a look around at all the practitioners and congregants. And, what of all the luminairies of the various religions on the planet right now? Are all of these folks simply unenlightened, misguided fools?


Certainly, with both Buddhism and yoga there is a parallel with the religious life; there is a kind of taking up and a leaving off. And it seems that every such discipline is meant to be a lifelong practice, not something that you suddenly abandon when you feel fatigued or that you cannot win, like in the world poker tournament.

That is perhaps what makes practicing a religion unlike any other endeavor you could possibly undertake. Whether by faith or works or both you worship unceasingly without any guarantee of success. Again I site the “not” religions of Buddhism and yoga. Does a Buddhist really expect to become a bodhisattva in his lifetime? Can the yogi permanently transcend the three gunas and never again be a slave to them?

And of course what the odd person who comes around every once in a while who throws caution to the wind and forges a brand new path? Can it happen again? Should it happen again? Does it depend on what the market for souls will bear? As always, I would love to hear your thoughts. This is your personal heretic, crazy wind person, signing off for now from The Zendo….

Jennifer Warren #WF1092
CIW WA 807 Up
16756 Chino Corona Rd
Corona CA 92880

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  1. Namaste, friend! Just released this week to Seaside CA. Will be hunting out yoga studios and such very soon. Keep the faith and keep in touch Matthew. Thanks for reading!


  2. Hi Jennifer,

    My name is Matthew I live in Monterey I gathered that from this neck of the woods. I’ve been corresponding the prisoner at Corkren for the last couple of years and following closely issues in mass incarceration. Pretty freaky shit! Sounds like you’re doing pretty . When are you getting out of that Facility?

    I’ve been thinking about starting a business so that I could help employee former inmates. I imagine everybody getting out of jail needs a job and the whole generation of mass incarceration situation is insane. I just finished an amazing book called our enemies and blue police and power in America there’s so much history there! So you’re into yoga? Move to Monterey to run a yoga studio. Then I went to nursing schoolAnd work as an RN for Monterey county. Peace out sister!


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