Richard Davidson

by Richard Davidson

My name is Richard A Davidson #737-319. I was “wrongfully” convicted by Judge Steven P Beathard of Fayette County Court of Common Pleas. As I stated in my last blog, I know he wrongfully convicted me, he knows he wrongfully convicted me, and even the alleged victim knows he wrongfully convicted me.
Since posting my last blog, I have been visited by an Ohio State Trooper. He was very respectful, and just wanted to sit and talk with me concerning my blog. He informed me that this judge was afraid for his life, as if I made some kind of threat of violence. I am here today to reassure anyone that may have questions as to whether or not my past blog was threatening in any way. I want to make it very clear to anyone with that question that the blog was not intended to be used in any way to threaten any kind of violence.
I understand why the judge wants me to stop and is currently misusing his power and authority in an attempt to do just that. Because he knows I can and will damage his carreer as a judge in this State. Because no one should be allowed to continue to do the things that this man has done while serving on the bench. Anyone who wants to know what I know, all you have to do is hire someone to find out, as I did. I can’t say what I know now because of the fear of what this judge will do to me as an inmate in Ohio. But once I am released and I will soon be released, I will return to my home in another State, and I will make damn sure the world knows what I know, and yes judge, I do know.
Again, I will continue to stress to him that even with his power and authority, he can not and will not ever strip me of my constitutional right to freedom of speech, as he is currently attempting to do. I spent (2) tours of combat during Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Fighting for the same rights he is now attempting to strip from me. Even he does not have the power to take from me what I was born with and fought to keep. Though, he would like to think he does, but I know he doesn’t.
I would now like to add that Judge Steven P Beathard has done nothing but violate my constitutional rights since the very moment he decided to wrongfully convict me. He has continued to violate my right to due process by refusing to rule on any and all motion and petition that were timely an properly file in his court. In fact, I have had to get writs from the appellate court in order to just get some or any kind of ruling on my postconviction so that I may appeal it. He has continued to refuse to rule on issues before him concerning my wrongful conviction. Because he knows “without pause” that if I win, it may be the end of his career as a sitting judge in this State.
I fear that this judge will again attempt to do something to me in order to silence me from telling the truth, and exposing his corruption. I fear that he may retaliate against me in some way. But this must be done, in order to get the truth out.
I fear that he will again attempt to misuse his authority in the hopes of silencing me by again sending State Troopers to visit me, or having the corrections officer beat up on me, or throwing me in segregation, or even filing a false complaint in the hopes getting me more time in prison. But I would be very cautious of that, as it would allow me the opportunity to get back in court. At which would allow me the opportunity to call witnesses to testify as to how I was wrongfully conviction by this judge, and to bring forth “all” evidence that I have been able to accumulate over the past couple of years while sitting in an Ohio prison for a crime that I should never have been convicted of.

Richard A Davidson
DOC #737-319

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