Rodney Fenner

To The Readers, by Rodney Fenner

Hello world. First and foremost, I’d like to thank every single person who takes the time to pause their day to read and consider my thoughts. I know and understand the chaotic state that some of your lives may be in with all the obligatory situations of life. Also, being in prison, I know that time is precious. Therefore, it’s necessary for me to express my gratitude that you’ve decided to give me a small portion of yours. So, every time I have you, my strive is to make sure that your time isn’t wasted. Thank you for entering my zone.
When I write, I do so for two reasons. One: I write as a form of catharsis and expression for myself. It’s important to have an avenue to release the pressures of life no matter where you are and what your life consists of. Otherwise, you know the saying. Pressure busts pipes. In here some people work out, play basketball, draw or whatever. I do some of those things also, however, my release is primarily writing. Two: I write to be thought provoking and engaging to my readers. When you can be thought provoking, you can possibly change perspectives, expand thought processes and spark growth. Growth is essential to becoming the absolute best version of yourself. People’s minds are labryinths and some only stay in the areas they’re familiar with. Intelligently engaging will provide you with the guidance and the keys you’ll need to discover and explore other parts of your mind. It may even illuminate dark corners you didn’t know were there and make you interested in things you didn’t even know you’d like. It might make you form an opinion and act on something you didn’t know you cared about. I’m happy if I can supply that for anyone, however, I want that for myself as well.
I say these things because it’s occurred to me that while I put my thoughts out there for scrutiny and debate, interaction is a two way street. So, I invite anyone who has an opinion on anything I’ve said to let me hear it. Obviously, I’m not directly operating the page, so I’m not seeing any posts or comments if any are being made. I’d like to though. To contact me directly you’d have to go to and use my name and state number to email me. Do so. Every story has multiple points of view and I do want to hear other perspectives on the things I’ve written about. Even those who don’t agree with things that I’ve said, I still invite you to engage. Do so in a positive way, of course. When we are open minded, engaging in such a way can only elevate us. Maybe you can change my perspective or at least expand the way I think about certain issues so that the conclusions I draw will encompass a broader spectrum of consideration. I’m open to converse about any and all topics. Nothing is off limits with me because the purpose and goal for myself and for you is growth in every area possible. All growth happens from the inside out. Trees grow from inside seeds. Babies (animals and people alike) grow from inside the mother. Actions grow from inside the thoughts of your mind and this, particularly, is my focus.
So, if I say something that makes you think? Good. If I say something that you like? Good. If I say something that you disagree with? Good. If I say something that you want to rebut? Do it. I have plenty more to say and will keep writing. Also, if there are any ideas on something you think I should write about, tell me. If you need my assistance with any sort of writing, I’ll be happy to help. I’ve written three poetry books, two novels and I was simultaneously writing two more novels before I temporarily shelved them to study screenwriting. After poetry and novels, I figured learning to write movies would be the next step in my natural progression as a writer. Writing is my passion and I’m up for all challenges. I encourage any and all interactions as long as it stays positive and centered on growth and enlightenment. Again, I just want to say thank you for your time. Its definitely much appreciated. Peace.

Rodney Fenner
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