Dominique Dyer

by Dominique Dyer

I been trying to figure out ways to be better as a person and trying to figure out ideas to help my community when I leave here.All I want is to be a better person and be a better person for the world.So I actually am getting my ged and Im 2 test away from getting it I’m am extremly proud of myself.

I only want to do good and find sombody to share life with. I dont have any kids but I definatly want some in the furture. I have to get myself togather mentally and spiritually I do believe in God. I go to bible study while Im in here and it does help out alot. Its all about making ractional choices.

Everybody has a choice you can do right or you can do wrong Im choosing to do right because I kno thats what I have to do. The gurds in here will talk to you any type of way and think they can do any thing to you. Immates are killed beat o and get disrepected in so many different ways having me think somtimes who really should be locked up. Even with all that there is no win yu write them up they mess with you more.

So I keep positive and stay to myself. Life is all about choices and I choose to keep striving to be better and made better choices to keep progressing as a man like I said I dont have any chrildren but I do want some in the future I have to be a man that they can look up to and I plan to be that.

Have a blessed day

Dominique Dyer
DOC #a748069
p.o box 56
Lebanon, ohio

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