Archie Wilder


Why do women who you may have shown some type of interest in,find it hard to take objective sound advice from you.I’ve had this happen to me so many times that its crazy.I’m going to share a few stories with you. I decided long ago that I wasn’t going to be a player anymore.I’ve made sure over the years that ALL the women in my family are fully aware of all the tricks and games men play. As well as my female friends.Some have listened some didn’t.When I first met her we was at the gas station.I was 25 and she was a freshman in college.I could tell from our initial conversation that she was a square,but that was cool.We exchanged numbers,we talked a few times on the phone.My friends mom invited me to their family reunion and I showed up with a girl.But I had no idea that the girl I met at the gas station was going to be there.She was my friends cousin.Even though she saw me with the other girl she was still willing to deal with me.You see,she didn’t have much experience with relationships.At that time she had only been with one guy.So I decided I was going to spare her,I guess I had a conscience.I had a chance to sleep with her but I didn’t want her to get emotionally attached to me.Plus my dudes mom would have killed me if I hurt her niece.So we decided to just be friends.Over the years she has always asked me for advice when it comes to men. But it took until she got into her 30’s to start listening to me.She has two master degrees, and she didn’t grow up in the streets.So she has no idea when it comes to the games that men play.No one ever payed any attention to her.And then she made the world news in the early 2000’s for police brutality in Ottawa hills police department in Toledo Ohio.All the Co’s at the prison was coming to my cell to tell me that the girl that comes and visits me is on the world news.And you could tell by all the attention we would get when she came to visit was going to her head.I told her early on,your still the same person to me.And she would tell me about all these guys we knew who were showing interest in her.And I asked her,where were all these guys before the fame.I guess she took it as I was being jealous.But the combination of her being inexperienced and not being use to all that attention,she was ripe for the picking.And after over a decade of bad decisions and choices and hurt feelings and being played crazy.She will finally admit that I was right.But its not about right or wrong.A lot of it could have been avoided if she just would’ve listened.The next story is more personal.I was in a relationship From 04 to 08 with a woman. It was a physical intimate relationship.She promised to stay by my side no matter how long it took me to get out.She knew I was innocent.But that’s a whole lot easier said than done.So as the years got to going by I could tell that things were changing.So I was already preparing myself for her to make her exit.So one day when she came to work I asked her was there someone else.At first she was a little reluctant,but she eventually came clean.Even though she was still being intimate with me,she had been cheating on me emotionally.She said doing the time with me was to much to handle.Even though I was hurt,I understood.So when she starting telling me about the guy she met.I gave her objective sound advice.But you already know she didn’t listen.She took it as I was being jealous because she was leaving me.I told her,how can I be upset about losing to a man that’s free.I’m just trying to help you.But she told me I’m a grown woman,I can take care of myself.She was the same type of woman.Even though she was in her forties,and educated.She was inexperienced when it came to men and relationships.She did everything opposite of what I told her to do.Long story short,he was physically abusive to her and he took all her money.It hurt me to see her go through that.Because I really did care about her.And I NEVER HAVE THE ATTITUDE OF I TOLD YOU SO!Don’t listen to your heart,listen to your mind..What is the possibilities of your future?It may be real to you,but its truly a game to him.He is searching to get whatever it is that he can find to make his time easier.YOU ARE NOT THE FIRST ONE HE HAS RAN THIS SCHEME ON.YOU ARE JUST THE ONLY ONE TO FALL FOR IT.His last conversation that he had with me was,verbatim: bro,what is your end game.he says:bro SHE IS NOT THAT SMART AND SHE IS SAYING STUFF THAT ONLY SOMEONE WHO WOULD KNOW THE GAME WOULD TELL HER.I GOT HER FIGURED OUT,SO IT HAS TO BE YOU.I ASKED HIM DID SHE TELL YOU I THAT?And he said no.I don’t know what to believe.I’m more disappointed in that I believed that you lived by a certain set of morals and principles.You like homosexual men?I KNOW FOR A FACT HE IS ONE.BUT OF COURSE YOU WILL TAKE HIS WORD.Secondly,have you ever seen what a dope fiend will do to get high?Is that what you want for your future?Your educated and smart,but you are ignorant when it comes to that lifestyle.You might be mad at me for saying these things but so what.Because according to him he can make you give up on the friendship when HE IS READY.So I might as well speak the truth.I will NEVER SLANDER OR LIE ON ANYONE!This is the same individual I had a argument with because he thought it was alright that a guy called in from the streets and got a co fired.That didn’t surprise me,because I live with him you don’t.When you come visit he puts his best foot forward.But once you leave,its back to partaking in ALL THAT PRISON HAS TO OFFER.Don’t walk off that cliff.He is looking for someone to take care of that all your worth?Is this some type project for you?AND I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT ME,but you can’t find the same qualities you like in him in someone who isn’t trying to use you?Or take advantage of you?Someone you can have A REAL FUTURE WITH?AND ITS COOL THAT I HAD TO SIT AND WONDER IF YOU WERE SAFE OR NOT.I REFUSE TO BE A SECOND CLASS FRIEND.I HAVE TO MUCH INTEGRITY FOR THAT!

DOC #414-917

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