Melvin Shaw Jr.

New Book Alert, by Melvin Shaw

good morning so about last night I was given a book that my aunt order called 2fish its by jhene aiko efuru chilombo the singer I didn’t actually red it yet but just knowing that most of her writtens are from when she was age12 up until now inspires me to go ahead in write my own book about everything i been through or whats ever on my mind. you can never go wrong writing a book what you may go through may help some one else. or given them in site to certain things they never understood. life is so short we will never know will god will call us home so I just think leaving something behind for a family member or friend to share amongst one another would be a blessing in a way to be remembered. I was telling my girlfriend the Same thing in I was glad to hear say she was willing to start a diary at least . its a start! oh for I forget my girl inspired me to read two books by Mitch albom the 5 people. you meet in heaven check it out

Melvin Shaw
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