Major McCormick

You are Great! by Major McCormick

Im Mozart, Beethoven, Davinci, Picasso, Michaelangelo, and beyond. Art is my form. I am but a master piece waiting to be expressed. A imperfect picture of perfection. Gifted to draw from the sky and all of its limits, travel if you will you will see the stars are mines.. The milky way and galaxies of a million universes are mines to be transversed. Ive discovered the key to being in all states of mind. Worship one God the true living God that created all and he will allow all that he created to be your canvas.. Imagine this for a while you who are in pursuit of greatness more than a meal and a quick feel. An everlasting impression is left by those who have gained from their God given talent. Look at Brad Pitt, Tom Brady, Lebron James. Jay z, Future. Major McCormick. These are all people who like Martin Luther had a dream and pursued it through storms, defeat, loss, turmoil, even insanity and at times there gifts were the only thing that kept them sane, a part of creativity that God gave us to know he placed something great inside of you. Never give up on your dream follow it to success. Your Mentor.. Magic.

Major McCormick
DOC #686-167

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