Shara Cooper

Grow! by Shara Cooper

As a child, it is quite okay to be foolish!
As a teenager, it is totally okay to make mistakes.
In our twenties, it’s is wholly alright to have fun.
In our thirties, it’s okay to have fun, and still okay to make some mistakes. But, it is absolutely unacceptable to find ourselves still being foolish– that which we were when we were kids.

At some point in life we have to welcome maturity.
At some point in life we have to embrace wisdom.
No need to put the pressure on or rush. Yet, it seems to be that thirty is enough.

Life experiences we have gone through to learn what to or not to do.
Much time has passed to get to know self and what self wants or does not want.
Many seasons, situations, and circumstances, have come and gone in our lives. All for us…
To grow.
To mature.
To develop.
To change.
To evolve.

Thirty isn’t much.
However, it is enough to have grown, and matured, and developed into someone who still has fun and make mistakes, but is far from the childhood foolishness.

I imagine that forties, and fifties, and sixties, hold gifts of wisdom and maturity even greater. That is if we don’t resist growing up by choosing to remain immature fools.

There surely is no need to run from wisdom and maturity. It looks good on the many who do…grow up, that is!

Shara Cooper
DOC #163560

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