You Can Help

You Can Help!

Dear Readers,

Inmate Blogger is a collection of blogs written by incarcerated men and women. For the past 5+ years I have been managing and posting blogs for free for 900 inmates to help give them a voice.

I know that this is a different type of blog that society may automatically judge as unworthy or have a lot of conflicting thoughts about. But blogging is so meaningful and therapeutic for the many inmates who are seeking rehabilitation and growth. It gives them an outlet to share their feelings, their thoughts, and their stories.

A lot of these inmates will get out of prison one day. They might be our neighbors, or they might be the person standing behind us in line at the grocery store. can serve different purposes, here are a few:

  • it helps inmates open up through the power of writing
  • it gives family & friends of these inmates a chance to read about their journey
  • it gives doctors/researchers/students insight into the criminal mind
  • it gives society a glimpse into a real inmates life, their past, & their rehabilitation process
  • it shares stories of innocence
  • it shares a real look within the prison system
  • it offers inspiring stories of change

I help inmates share their voice with the world. At first, I choked on my own voice when telling people this. It wasn’t something I wanted to brag about. I mean, it’s not exactly the same as a volunteer program for hungry children in Africa. So yes, I have had my moments when I struggled to put in all these long hours helping incarcerated men and women who are unable to give me much, if anything at all, in return. But helping others is what humanity is all about.

I’ve been managing this site for free for 5+ years now. And often times, it is a thankless job that I do on this blog. I am struggling right now, and could really use some help.

You can help. Please consider making a donation to Inmate Blogger. Every little bit does help. Your support would be such a blessing. And it will show me that my services here are appreciated and recognized.

Your gift would really make a difference. (You may easily donate via PayPal or Venmo)

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your warm kindness.


Suzie Bosko

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  1. This is a great idea. The idea of incarceration lost the idea of rehabilitation. Inmates aren’t always in for life. They aren’t always that different from you and I. I can’t give now but will when payday comes.

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