Anthony Waters

MOUTHFUL, by Anthony Waters


Got wisdom from above,
that came through dreams and visions,
I don’t know why God put me on this missions,
so I have no choice but to listen,

not worrying if my poems get posted or roasted,
I just want minds to be open,

my whole world is digital,
no longer spiritual,
its all physical and material,
thats why most preaches is no longer for souls,
they are about their money and being political,

sad right,but yet I am the criminal.

will u laugh or cry,
tell the truth or tell the lie,
would u see me fly or shoot me out the sky,
haters go out they way to mess up my day,
therefore I pray and wait for the OK so I won’t go astray.

no news is good news,
I refuse to be ignored,
black leaders are poets who are equal,
a check can not make me turn my back on my people,
if patience is the virtual who gone come to my rescue,
and stick by my side like a tattoo,

Amade almost lost faith in god,
over a damn broad,
fought so hard being real,
and being real only came with a charge,
imagine reading my palm and seeing my life end in a deck of cards.

A dreamer put the pieces together and conquer life while he’s awake,
for my sake I show love and embrace the hate,
penny wise without a dime,
sitting in a cell trapped in my own mind,
wishing I could rewind the time,
I should have picked up my kids instead of habits &crimes.

yet I met the woman of my dream in the dark,
and the light begin to shine in my heart.

I am the opposite of a man apart,
my ending became my beginning so many times now I know how to start..

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786

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