Archie Wilder

More Tea Vicar (part 2), by Archie Wilder

So from your response I take it you are saying its alright to lie?I think your missing the whole point.Its not like my friend was lying to someone who was trying to bring them harm, they were lying to someone who would’ve understood and tried to help them do better if he could.I could understand the first initial denial,but once it was clear I knew,why still lie?Maybe I should’ve been a little more aggressive and assertive for him to get my point.What do you think?Because before this my friend was hanging around this dirt bag who was pretty much doing the same thing.Speaking on my friends name and doing all type of foul stuff.So I checked the situation on my own,without my friend knowing. But now that its happening again,it makes me wonder if all that was true.You see I can handle the truth,NO MATTER WHAT IT IS.And I guess my biggest frustration is the people they are choosing to hangout with.I’ll give you a prime example of what I’m talking about.Over the years women get into relationships with guys in prison.It’s against the rules,but its been happening forever and it will continue to happen.But what disappoints me is when really good women will come in here and take the first thing that comes along.Especially when they have a whole institution to pick from.The woman is the prize,she is the catch.So why settle?Their are some good men in prison,so why choose from the bottom of the barrel?It seems like they choose all the dope fiends,homosexuals, or guys with these crazy cases and are not getting out soon.When they have guys at their disposal who are getting out soon and who don’t want use them in any type of way, and are truly interested in them as a person, and they will choose men from worst bunch.My friend is making decisions like that.He has a brain,he is out going, he can have a good conversation.He could pretty much have any friends that he wants.But it’s starting to become clearer to me.Its his confidence,He isn’t confident in his abilities to find good true friends.He might not want to ever admit it,but I know I’m right.You see me and him are the same age,but all his other friends are younger than us.They are young enough to be our kids.And that’s cool.But I will be damned if I’m going to let a kid control me or run me around.And when I say something he always says I got this.Its apparent that they don’t,because he is allowing this kid to get them to do dumb stuff.Stuff that when he is asked to do it,the answer should be a resounding hell no.And the dumb stuff I see this kid do daily,lets me know that he isnt a thinker.Then I start to wonder,did I give my friend to much credit?The way we view ourselves has a lot to do with the way we let people treat us.And I can tell from some of our conversations,he hasn’t always viewed himself in the best light.But that’s natural to human nature.Rather we are in prison or the free world,we all go through stages of depression,we all have insecurities,and we can feel lonely at times.And to fill that void sometimes we surround ourselves with things that we think will make us feel better.And I promise, Jehovah god is my witness,If I thought they were making good decisions,I would back them 1000000%.And I wouldn’t have a thing to say.But the way he is allowing himself to be directed and by whom is all bad.And the not caring type attitude is a reflection of the people they are hanging around.Because they are some of the most reckless people I know.He is better than that.I could go on for days talking about this, because their is SO MUCH I WANT TO SAY.But out of respect for my friend I’ll wait until he approaches me and we will talk.And from your response I almost took it as you think that I’m this stuck up judgmental type.Lady you are so far from the truth.And I say lady,because I can tell by your writing style that you are a female and if not, I apologize.But I don’t believe I’m wrong.My friend is stubborn and bullheaded.And feel like even if they knew I was right they would still go against my advice.Yeah lie when you need to,But why lie to a friend who you say you TRUST AND CARE ABOUT? Is that a necessity?And I’m asking you to put yourself in my shoes, and you advise me on how I should handle it. Well thank you for responding and I hope to hear some more feed back.

DOC #414-917

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