Major McCormick

Today, by Major McCormick

Ive come to the reality of my life.. I deal with it on its terms.. What would crush many and send them over a bridge or into insanity.. Ive used to strengthen.. Years without seeing your loved ones can make you bitter or better.. I chose better. Months with out food can make you skinny or sexy I chose sexy. A million lies and every form of neglect can make you cold or cool. I chose cool….
In this life everything is a choice.. you can choose what to do with any circumstance you face. Whats the difference between a person who makes it to stardome , success, great prosperity? A Choice… McCormick

for those corresponding with me I am no longer at Lebanon corrections I am at Richland corrections 8107 mansfield Ohio. 44901.. Hope to hear from you soon

Major McCormick
DOC #686167

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