Anthony Waters

THE STRUGGLE, by Anthony Waters


loved by my thugs,
visions of being rich so I claimed out the mud,
God gave me a blessing and she came from above,
no more nightmares and visions of demons blowing kisses and giving me hugs,
laying on my mattress with pictures and letters I snuggle,
a true Queen never want to see her king struggle,
I been on my knuckles,
never got the chance to build with my uncles,
though I ain’t Shaq but I should kill all my previous fears,
how could anybody understand me if they don’t know the pain that I feel knowing the struggle is real.
Thinking about all that I lost eyes cover in tears,
when them gates crack open the real world got me facing my fears,
which direction should I go boy this thing got real,
overcoming my struggles and exercising my hustle,
I became a real Gee when I used my mind for my muscle,
I’ve learned death is easy but living is hard,
life got me wondering how to deal with this pain in my heart,
my family and the wealth got me want to live like the stars but the reality of it all got me covered in scars,
No loyalty in this world,
I don’t know who to trust,
my instincts telling me to make it out is a must,
I done seen the fake but let me tell u what’s real,
the trials and tribulation when u out in the field,
one thing for certain I know the struggle is real cause we fighting to live and they fighting to kill…


peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786

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