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Prison Media Network Group, by Christopher Smith

Political Prisoner & Activist

Welcome to Prison Media Network Group, I am C.j. Smith and Today I have some very important topics that really concerns me here that I will like to share with you involving Political Exclusions regarding voting discrimination, illegal manufacturing in the distribition of Marijuana and As to the war on drugs, and lastly African American Gangs White Supremacy & Gun control involving weapons of Mass Destruction…
Seemingly everything stated above As required by law must be supported by the United States Constitution, we must overstand that the Constitution was created As An Contract and A contract is also sought As A Policy, policies of which Governs the United States, in so many words you can call this A Constitutional Bill of Rights, if that makes any sense… Anything supported within the Constitution is also backed with State & Federal revised codes in protection of your rights following any form of violations or deprivations of your rights to the United States Constitution… You must know when something is approved by law, then it directly must be supported by the Constitution which is Federal law that Govern the State to follow… To the contrary, it has shown that our State Government officials has been our Biggest Purveyor in disregard of the law to the United States Constitution, Ladies and Gentalmen let me explain… Our voting process is A
Fundamental right of law supported within the Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, however, Black and Brown people of color from our Low to Middle class communities are still systematically facing what its called BUREAUCRATIC SCRUTINY by means As POLITICAL PREDATORY EXCLUSIONS when it comes to our voting rights and accountability As voters… When I say Bureaucratic Scrutiny, collusively, what Ive noticed between voting polls and urban communities was that Government officials established the voting process distinguishably away from African American communities in A Political Predatory Exclusionary fashion whereas voting polls are prone to be more conveniently closer to European suburbian an Rural communities where their destination of travel rather by car or bus would be considered walking distance away compared to those living in urban communities who are forced and made to travel by bus or car outside ot thier environment even their own city just to get to An voting poll, many of which who does not have the means of help in getting to these voting polls… In my personal view these are continuous machanisms to disenfranchise the African American community, clear demonstrations which was systematically designed to be unwieldy and inflexible in its operation of locations As Race discrimination in violation of our voting rights contained in the Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution… Introspectively, whats very concerning to me is that the American people As A whole rather caucasian or African American unknowingly had been undergoing these Political exclusions
Predominately when it comes down to the Presidenial voting process, and I am speaking from A matter of Fact, Not opinion, prime example… When Hilary Clinton went up against Donald Trump for the Presidency of The United States, Hilary Clinton won the “Popular vote” now in my view The popular vote is the populations vote meaning that the majority of voters in each State voted for Hilary who actually suppose to have been President right now!… But, what alot of Americans doesn’t know is that Donald Trump owes the Russian Government An astronomical amount of money, Donald Trump scamed the Russians for Billions of dollars in tax and documentational schemes As such Donald Trump and his advisers committed Fraud against the Russian Government… Donald Trump alone As to his entire estate is estimated what around some 3.5 Billion dollars which isnt remotely enought to pay off the Russian Government… But, in order for the Russians to get their money back Donald Trump had to become president of the United States… We all understand there was Russian interference with the Presidential election and Donald Trump spoke about the Russians freely on several occassions As An incriminating factor during this process, in addition the American People was made aware of the Social Media An U.S. Syber Governmental schemes the Russians infiltrated during their whole grand scheme of things… Theoretically, in my personal view, all of this could have been prevented by the United States Department of Cyber Intelligence, but it was not! Meaning someone allowed these things to happen on their watch which falls back on the Director… Another power source that centers around all of this is Congress, and the main person in charge while in conspiracy of these corruptions is none other but the Republican Majority Leader of Congress, Senator Mitch McConnell!… Senator Mitch McConnell Assigned duties allows him to oversee almost all administrative operations within the United States Government, it is made well to assume that Mitch McConnell was working with the Russians for the unlawful Presidency for Donald Trump. The Republicans Had this whole thing figured out, As they thought, the Republicans thought that the American people wasn’t paying attention, Yes, because of our silence they thought that we were sleep and figured they could get away with Federal crimes here… Donald Trump deceitful exploits against Hilary Clinton was A perverse cover up in A one dimensional bureaucratic conspiracy to Hoke Hilary Clinton of her Presidency by falsely and fraudulently demonstrating Hilary committed Federal crimes In efforts to destructively aide Donald Trump presidency involving the Russian interference taken place even if this means to form some protective lying to prevent the discovery that Senator Mitch McConnell participated in the obstruction of counterterrorism in the 2016
Presidential election… When it comes to our voting rights contained within the Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution Race discrimination only counts for 50% of the problem involving these predatory exclusions and today the American people are faced with A much bigger and mischievous of voting discrimination executed by our Government officials who has been systematically cutting off from view our voting participation As An community decision State wide for the President of the United States by demonstrating A discriminatory distinction between the American voters precisively when it comes to the votes rendered by the Electorial College… The Electorial college was Established I would guess around the 1800’s and used Politically As their voting weapon for racial control and division to keep (whites) Europeans As the majority of elected officials in Congress and As President of the United States, the Electorial College then was politically Discriminatory being racially motivated… Whereas today we cannot assume that the Electorial College is not racially motivated which operates As An all white electorate and most certainly cannot belittle the cause for having A African American male As the 44th President of the United States… What we can justify is that the Electorial College today is now systematically designed to deprive voters rights towards Presidential vitality As voting discrimination in violation to our 15th Amendment rights under the United States Constitution… For example, when the American people voted for Hilary Clinton for President, records proved she in fact won the vote over Donald Trump, but the Electorial College voted for Donald Trump in total dispite what the American voters elected for President such As Hilary Clinton which is A pristine example that the Electorial college is established to operate As A voting discrimination institution in violation of voters r 15th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which is very clear to see that the Federal Government, has only concerned themselves primarily with the needs and interest from the Electorial College oppose to the votes from the American people where we are viewed As objects of study within their institutions to see how many Americans still believe in this Dictatorship Democracy… Ladies and Gentalmen lets call it for what it is, when we have A Government whos primary interests of concern is the votes from the Electorial College indisregard by discriminating against the votes from the American people, clearly thats A Dictatorship… Urban Communities shall not be made subjected to continuous disenfranchisement because our city and State
Government refuses to establish voting polls in black & brown communities and shall not be continuous victims of Political Exclusions for personal or bureaucractic gain… To cultivate this problem, city and State Government needs to consider by establishing voting polls near urban communities and provide A voting system decisively to correct the problems and provide A genuine avenue for urban communities participation in the community voting process… Lastly, I question after so many years why arent the Politians today pushing to abolish the Electorial college when its systematically designed to discriminate against voters rights in violation of the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? The Electorial College has proven to be An operation simular to Jim Crow Laws, this not only effects people of color, No, the Electorial college effects us all, the Electorial College shall be abolish for The Constitutional rights for the American voters but the gap appears to be Congressional unwillingness to initiate the abolishment of the Electorial college… Therefore I request that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to move for the abolishment of the Electorial College or step down McConnell from your position and let someone who will.

Now lets talk about drugs here… Many Activist today feel if we go about in dismantling the system of Mass Incarceration that we must end the war on drugs, and some people may feel that theres no way around it and that drugs such As Heroin, Fentanyl/Phenol, Cocaine and Crystal- Methamphetamine is responsible for the prisons mass incarceration problem in our United States Government creation of their continuous undercaste system and that ending the drug crisis is no simple task… So how do we end the war on drugs?… First we have to identify the source of transportation, regarding who is traveling overseas bringing such products to America that can surpass any scanning check points without Government intrusions… What better institution do you think would best go undetected by this United States Government when transporting bulk amounts of drugs to America from overseas?… Lets just get right to the facts here, to end the war on the drug crisis is No simple task when its Government controlled and transported by our very own United States Navy, Army, and Marines then distributed by individuals working for the FBI, ATF & DEA to known street drug dealers with big money to spend on A few Kilos… Ladies and Gentalmen thats how the game gos, if you dont have Government connections then you are not getting any products within the States Flat out!.. Unconventional Thus this may sound many would say my statements are bizarre to claim that the Government is involved, I would then suggest to my readers that, “then you dont know me very well,” but common sense wouldn’t be that Far-Fetched to see what better institution is best when transporting drugs to America other than none other but our very own United States Government who can go undetected… Heres A clear Picture, in fact many Americans Today have witness or heard about the Cocaine epidemic and conspiracy orchestrated during the 1980’s Presidency of Ronald Reagan, around the same year American war ships and planes were back and fourth to America from foreign countries infested with the product Cocaine… Now back in the year of the 1960-70 The product Heroin was here in America legally and was used by Medical Emergency personnel such As paramedics and Doctors to treat shooting victims and cancer patients after surgery to ease the pain and Heroin back then was in Liquid form, African Americans would steal viles of this drug from out of Ambulances and sold it on the black market, Heroin became banned of Medical use around the 1980’s the same year the Cocaine epidemic systematically occured during the Presidency of Ronald Reagan which became infested in poor urban communities… Now lets fast forward to the year of 2011 which was very Simular to Ronald Reagans Presidency, See America suffered A Recessionafter the 9/11 attack during the Presidency of George W. Bush, however, in the year of 2011 the United States Army seized 700 Tons of Heroin from the Middle East where they “allegedly” hear me “allegedly” claimed to have burned the 700 Tons of Heroin in the middle of A desert field… A year later around 2012 or so, America’s Nation was hit very hard with the epidemic of Heroin within our urban communities which effected the use by caucasian people Predominately followed by overdoses that lead addicts to other major addictions such As opiates because the cost compare to Heroin is much cheaper when its medicallyperscribed… But the fact still remains Today that caucasian people would not overdose and people of color would not be viewed As suspects if our United States Government would STOP transporting the drugs here from overseas… Marijuana is A different subject here which doesn’t cause death like Heroin, Cocaine, Fentanyl, and CrystalMeth, for many years this United States Government & Law Enforcement has treated Marijuana against people of color As A dangerous drug without first having An understanding about marijuana and its positive nature that it provides which promotes PHYSICAL and HEALTHY Psychological Conditioning that helps with Depresson, PTSD, Schizophrenia, and Bipolar Disorders, Anxiety, Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, Eating disorders caused by Anorexia Nervosa which marijuana helps promote An Healthy appetite and those who suffer from weight loss caused by H.I.V., marijuana serves As A positive alternative during the rehabilitation process amoung those who Are fighting to kick Heroin/Opiate addictions Because of Government, Heroin, Cocaine, Fentanyl, and CrystalMeth, we never wanted these drugs in our urban communities but just like all the young black and poor childern in our communities, we became victims, wrongfully influenced by MUSIC and those we look up to in our communities who misguided us in believing that selling drugs and fast money is the way for African American Advancement… The United States Government can No longer say its African Americans fault for the Heroin, Cocaine, and Fentanyl epidemic which predominately effected our community to their advancement of the prison population today… Marijuana was A safe choice for African Americans for many different reasons, but when Law makers sought that Black & Brown people was making A honest living, the United States Government then sought that selling marijuana is illegal the (whites) Europeans made themselves look like the real Goofballs here, hear me out yall*** they went As Far As showing Commercials advertising white people smoking marijuana where they falsely over exaggerated the effects after smoking marijuana where they demonstrated A white girl during that scene MAKING A RUNNING DIVE JUMPING STRAIGHT OUT OF A OPEN TEN STORY WINDOW HEAD FIRST, wearing none other but, wait for it…………. A DRESS! I guess the landing was going to be about, you know, “Curb Appeal” next… like who really does that? I mean really… Goofballs! Ladies and Gentalmen notice how its all about A profit with this Government, systematic control, A scare tactic to down play marijuana, but they noticed that Heroin, Cocaine, and Fentanyl is only killing off white America… Pay attention yall, right now its 2019, have you noticed that you dont hear about no more Heroin and Fentanyl overdoses or deaths no more? Noticed That?… Thats because our Government had slowed their own distribution! Now that the production of Heroin and Fentanyl has slowed, overdose related Deaths rates has dropped at its all time low and forced drug addicts to turn to the next best alternative, perscription opiates… So now we have A bunch of addicts harming themselves or faking injuries in tricking Doctors to perscribing them opiates… So now Government officials want their drug money, somebody has to pay the tab, so their scheme is to falsely accuse institutions like JOHNSON & JOHNSON for the opiate Epidemic when the incriminating evidence since the Ronald Reagan Presidency has shown that the United States Government is responsible for the war on drugs involving these epidemics that lead to white men & wemen gravitating towards the abuse of opiates… As to my point excatly, notice how its all about control and money, just like marijuana State officials made that their system to control, Penalize, Fine or Persecute Black & Brown people who have marijuana on their persons… However, marijuana was Medically approved and perscribed by Doctors for many years now As Medical Marijuana, and now several State Governments are finding ways to violate Federal law to undercut the Medical field by establishing marijuana stores within their County by giving City Hall, State approved Licenses predominately only to white people who ARE NOT CERTIFIED MEDICAL PRACTIONERS to sell Marijuana whereas An Doctor, Nurse, Nurses Aide, LPN, and A Pharmacist are the people who are more qualified, trained and Licensed to practice the healing arts in medicine and Medical treatment which is consistent to A Pharmacist, people who clearly understands Pharmacology involving the Use and effects of marijuana As to An Nurses Aide or LPN these are specially trained people who knows how to care for the sick and disabled to help promote Healthy and Physical or Psychological Conditions involving Depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorders, Anxiety, Cerebral palsy, Anorexia, and those with H.I.V., these are the people who are Certified Medical Practioners, Doctors Nurses LPN’s and Pharmacist because they went to school for this and most of them have DOCTORATE DEGREES verses those individuals who are given only State approved Licenses who does NOT!… So Lets ask our Government now, whats the “Real Life Threatening” drug here, Narcotics or Marijuana? But, its all about control An money right?… Lets talk about Law, for any State to approve marijuana outside of Medical purposes As recreational use or to be sold out of any stores to the public then it must be approved by Federal Law and supported within An Amendment to the United States Constitution, BUT IT IS NOT and this gos to further prove that members in our State Government feel As if their above the Law, they keep showing us all that they are the true criminals here who are perverse and ignoble people who are the biggest Purveyors of criminal Law when it comes to personal gain… How is it that Black & Brown men are still made criminals for breaking the Law for having A ounce or more on his persons when these States claim to approve legalization of marijuana for recreational use WHEN THERES NO CONSTITUTIONAL LAW JUSTIFYING A REQUIRED AMOUNT TO HOLD STATE OR FEDERALLY!… “like hold on yall they trippin man trick No good, they foolin out here”… But they continue to demonstrate that their operating As A Democratic Dictatorship, see when the State Government illegally legalized marijuana, they only made this A skeletal legalization with 3 major exceptions that 1). State Government only profits off the sells of marijuana and not the Medical Departments; 2). No person [s] in the privacy of their Home can grow marijuana and; 3). African Americans if found with too many grams will be criminally charged and Fined… Ladies and Gentalmen hear me out iight, I might be from the hood but I Got yall back, listen to this… Now in order for Government to legalize marijuana this has to be Assemble through the (FDA) Food & Drug Administration and State Government officials has to undergo through the proper channels of LEGISLATION who has the official power and responsibility to enact Constitutional Laws that Legislate legalization of marijuana and without Legislations approval then State Government officials has violated Criminal Law by primaturely Licensing An
UnConstitutional drug enterprize which is A violation of Federal Law… Many employees and owners operating these marijuana Stores within our communities have indicated that the Sells of their marijuana is for Medical marijuana purposes when that proves to be very contrary without any direct affiliation with the Medical Board of Directors or any Medical Associaton certifying that these marijuana operations are contracted or An operation of An Medical Institution such As A Hospital, Pharmacy or Clinic As A Medically Private or Medical Institution… Theres No Medical connection here! So with that being said this warrants A Huge Structural problem, because nothing the State have done was legal!… Ladies and Gentalmen to end the war on drugs this means that our Government Agents need to STOP distribution those drugs and I also ask that those Government officials to not
Mendaciously give false or misleading Facts to the public regarding their involvment in the distribution of these Life Threatening such As Heroin and Cocaine when the INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE to this all Ladies & Gentalmen was that our United States Government permitted United States Postal Service packages to be delivered from China containing the deadly drug called Fentanyl to our Black & Brown communities which this Federal Government DID NOT STOP!

When people in America think about crime such As drugs, shootings Rape, robbery, and murders in this country we are made to believe in our communities for many years through our Local News resources that the problems are always Black & Brown people of color because crime was racially defined by Government to the Public consciousness As Psychological conditioning… During her time, Civil Rights Leader my girl, Ida B. Wells sought that white owned local News companies had always Broadcast stories that was systematically designed to present A one sided story, A story that made black men viewed upon As Perniciouspredators which was racially manipulated into the public conscious, since the days of slavery black and brown men have always been notoriously displayed As the criminals but through it all Ida B. Wells knew in order for the truth to be revealed, As A black people, we had to expose it ourselves the same way their exploiting us, but the most nefarious of Government cover ups today from our Police officers, Criminal Justice System, and U.S. Government are the ones they hide that are done towards people of color and kept in secrecy from media and public exposer… Cover ups such As our Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice System working togather by unlawfully using Sham Legal
Process to Kidnap innocent black men by Planting evidence to falsely and fraudulently accuse and charge us for horrible crimes we never committed… Incriminating evidence is their own documents used against us!… Ladies and Gentalmen, today we live in A society where African Americans and Europeans are more divided then ever before between our Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice system, and U.S. Government when this involves people of color… The most unsafe society we are living in today isn’t black and brown neighborhoods, No, although due to Senseless Gangs in African American communities, young men in proverty without A mom or the strong guidance from their dad turn to A Life of crime when their own State An City do not provide or generate A positive avenue for our kids and teens who are undergoingA maturing psychological change to challenge their independance because theres no oppertunity in place in their eyes but only A stage for crime in States Such As Chicago, Baltimore, Indiana, and Philadelphia are made to suffer because the “stage” for crime is set… The State of OHio has it bad too, and what I noticed is that we are living in A society where we have individuals in our communities and those within our Government, who define themselves As white supremacy members such As the A.B’s, the Klu Klux Klan and White Nationalist many of whom supports Nazi Germany, you know “white power” who has openly expressed attitudes of Bigotry or actions resulting to the death of Mexicans and African Americans… Since the beginning of time white supremacy have always been A vital part of this U.S. Government which they have now An always refuse to declare or identify that these are terrorist groups today who are only United by this wild western heritage of eliminating black and brown people of color rather by jailing them or by death with military weapons of mass destruction… Ladies and Gentalmen A distinction must be made here between Institutionalized Genocide and Individual Prejudice, many would question well, what is the difference between the two, in fact they are very simular in characterwhen both of these sequences is A direct result formed As An personal bias against someone of An different Ethnic without sufficient grounds… Although African Americans only harm each other we cannot deny that black on black Gangs are terror groups when death is caused, However, hear me out yall, African American and Mexicans within the United States, NEVER Went out in public with A weapon of mass destruction to commit A shooting massacre against European (white) people resulting from hate with military weapons and any time A shooting occurs in urban communities or anywhere African Americans have always been viewed As the number one suspects involving gun situations rather if their unarmed and killed by Police, verses A Caucasian man with A military weapon with pure Hate in his heart or under the allegiance of An Supremacy group who gos and massacres tens of dozens of people because of their Race… This is why its very important that our Government needs to establish A process against American Radicalized Terrorism, the major problem is that we have supremacy groups today on the internet and in our public places, prime example like Dayton OHio who where in the main city identifying themselves As hate groups and Law Enforcement does absolutely nothing, but only protects the terror groups by staging up barricades for these hate groups to continue to protest their allegiance to white supremacy… Had that would have been African Americans with their Blue or Red bandannas protesting that they are Bloods and Crips who deserve Equal Rights, then IMMEDIATELY Law Enforcement would have arrested them and have them processed on to the National Data Base As A Gang member, A Criminal for Life whereas he wont be able to purchase A weapon legally, but what about known white supremacy members?… They get A pass? Black and Brown people in urban communities must no longer be viewed As the designated enemy when we are witnessing massacres against people of color from the very same people who claim their only buying those machine guns for protection but gos and kills people at Malls, Movie Theaters, Music festivals, Shopping centers, and Parks with These war machines!… Black and Brown people shall no longer be viewed As the designated enemy here by this Government, why is it when A Caucasian person commit A Bank robbery with A “Paper note” the FBI, Law Enforcements and United States Government are quick to say its A “Mental Health issue” white supremacy hate groups A “Mental Health issue” A mass massacre against color people A “Mental Health issue”… But hold yall listen to this, when News Reports ask people like the Republicans and their supporters about why do they want An A.K47 A.R15 or any military weapon of that nature, majority of Republicans have responded by saying “I got it for protection”… Ladies & Gentalmen Hear me out right here, when President Barack Obama was Elected back In 2008, the sells of A.R15’s went through the roof by Caucasian buyers who then stated back in 2008-09 “I am buying this for protection”… As A reporter my next question would have been, “you are protecting yourself from against who?”… HYPOTHETICALLY, Let me guess, The Rebirth of Dinosaurs… The Giant Lizard, you know, “Godzilla” emerging right outta the Ocean… What about A zombie Apocalypse does that tweak ya belly, Oh thats right, An UFO envasion against planet earth… Like really goofballs… Really? All of which will never happen, so again what are they protecting themselves against here?… In the year of 1898 white supremacists forcefully removed African Americans from Political offices by resorting to WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION where they then massacred them all, which leaves me to firmly believe when Barack Obama was elected for President in 2008, Republicans and their supporters bought those weapons of mass destruction involving white supremacy was A clear indication of time repeating itself… They are not buying those military weapons for protection its just A insane excuse to hide their real intentons from answering who are they so called
Protecting themselves against, but consciously As it shows today they only have those guns to cause harm to people of color… The events which occured back in 1898 to 2008 through 2019 involving mass massacre shootings of Black and Brown men by white men I ask this Government, is that what you call Mental Health issues? From the way it looks to me from the very purchase of these war weapons was all Premeditated motives to kill one Race rather they admitted or not… The (NRA) National Rifle Association has made Billions to Trillions of Dollars off these war weapons indisregard of public safety Congress has made these killing machines Accessible for white supremacy terror groups and those who cannot justify any real reason for having these weapons… Yes, white supremacy exist and many of them are Republicans in Congress who the NRA has bought them individually to have full control over their decision making dispite Radical Terrorism in our country because we have sovereignty Republicans who are united As An unGovernable unionized Conservatives that opposes change, these are unmoral people having no moral perception because they’re piss poor morally, betrayals, the antichrist to the American people more so African Americans… When Republicans (whites) their ways is being in their view disrupted, Congress and other State officials then further resist to change their problems but generate A series of unbecoming reforms that have been already published such As “Red Flag Laws” “Back Ground Checks” and “Carry Consealed License Permit” which DOES NOT WORK! These are continuous repeated methods by Congress who refuse to deal with the subect matter and thats REMOVE WAR WEAPONS FROM OFF THE SHELFS OF THESE GUN STORES AND OUT OF OUR COMMUNITIES!… If President Donald Trump can just bypass Congress and call An State of Emergency to maliciously build A Mexico Boarder wall because Congress rufuse to fund him the money then Donald Trump needs to call An State of Emergency and recall A.R.15’s A.K.47’s weapons of mass destruction needs to be recalled and the buyers refunded and those who fail to comply with A Government order shall be Federally Penalized. #An We Rise

Christopher J. Smith #a606.559
Toledo Correctional Institutoion
2001 East Central Avenue
Toledo Ohio 43608 or e-mail at:

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