Anthony Waters

OUT OF MEECH’s HERAT, by Anthony Waters


My head is high to the sky but even gangstas cry,
By the mark of the beast I’ve been cursed by the streets,
but Why?
Is it by the choice or by chance I’ve done wrong and I can’t deny the pain that I feel for the things I’ve done,
I feel horrible inside,
I’ve lied,cheated and decieved the people I loved but WHY,we feed the addiction and hunger for the weed I smoke to get high,
damn I caused physical harm to people person to get quantity of quality supply,
I said it was for the greater good so I can do good to cover the pain inside,
as I sit and think in the pit of my stomach I feel disgusted but only for myself,
knowing I could have changed it but I didn’t so I can’t blame anyone else,
how can someone love if they don’t know what one has done,
no more skeletons in my closet I want to be holy and pure for the life of my wife,daughter and sons,
so I ask God to forgive me for each and everything that I’ve done and I asked forgiveness for e heartache and pain I caused to the ones I really love…

peace to the true and living

DOC #720-786

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