Tony Lewis

God…Isreal. A Letter to John Gray, by Tony Lewis

Before you read the words below, refer to what Gos spoke to me, during my darkest day.
2 Corinthians 13
Also, before you continue, have someone capture(record) your emotions.For that footage is condusive, to the pilot for the show, which will win you an award going : The Million Dollar Apology.
John, this letter,is the letter you’ve been waiting a long time to recieve.
Today is going to be the best day of your life, for today is the day you will read how a stranger like me will elevate you to the next chapters in your life; which resides in higher tax brackets.
Imagine John, that you received a spontanoeus email or call from some cunning CEO, of the next big company. Imgaine he/or she state that they like your stuff, and so much, want you to endorse their new product for their company. They promise a splendid success for that product, and also promise hefty royalites; and for proof, they forward you the documents supporting their prediction of profit.
John.. this is sorta like that.
Im eleated to inform you: The GODS, have heard your prayers, and have sent me to you, to gain connection, and to also show and prove to you all has’nt been for nothing. Soon, John you’ll be able to stand infront of your congregation, and show them all the benedictions God has blessed in your life; all from this product I want to discuss with you:
But before I explain in the specifics for Gray’s Portal Parachutes, I must first introduce myself and shed light on this miracle I need your help creating.
Ten years ago John I was charged and convicted of robbing and raping several women. Its a decade later and John Ive realiezed that who I was was not who God created me to be. But its because Ive gaining hidden knowlege that I understand and believe that I’m not my past; and if I truly want to redemp myself, I must first display much effort in making amends with those innocent woman I effected behing my negative ways of thinking as a teen; and John, I want to do that through donating a million dollars to each of them.
Shocking? Yes, but neccessary it is.
As I write this, my banking account tells the truth of my lack of riches, but I assure you the 89 cents to my name will not stop me from doing what I’ve set out to do…what Ive told myself Must be done…for the sake of my future wife and children.
Please, Mr.Gray, I can really use your help. For I cant look myself in the mirror anylonger, not until I do this. The more and more I learn about life and all which is often taken for granted, I cringe at my past mistakes, and the choices made aganist me which placed my demons in my life at an age where most children cant fend them off; let alone even know how. But this isn’t about me. This about (them)…the ones whom matter the most…those children of God…those woman…those mothers…those sisters…those friends to others….who I disrespected and abused sexually. This, is for them all.
John, I need them to know that God is real, and that proof, shall come in my form of apology.
With a Million Dollars.
See Corinthians 2:22
A real conversation with you over the phone will be highly condusive to what needs to be done, for all which needs be discussed can not over this email; for certain things are confidential.
I look forward to hearing back from you or someone from you ministry pertaining to this letter.
I can be reached through TonyLewis 98038
Please, help me make not only my parents proud..but help me make history as the first prisoner to become a billionaire, through avenues of entrepreneurism.

Sincerly expressed,

Tony Lewis
DOC #98308

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