James DeWitt

For My Child, by James Dewitt

Growing is a cycle
One we all must endure
It starts out at conception
And continues as we mature
For me many mistakes were made
Throughout the course of my life
I swear the Greatest one of all
Was me being blind to their price
Many decisions of my past
Continually haunt me from day to day
Our seperation brings desperation
And I don’t want to live this way
I’d rather be in your presence
Enjoying your love and your charm
I’d give away my very breathe
For the chance to hold you in my arms
I wish that I could travel back through time
And change my past somehow
I wish that I had a second chance
To make to you these vows…
I Vow… to keep you away from harm
I Vow… to treasure and protect you
I Vow… to fill your heart with love
I Vow… to never ever ever neglect you
Some promises I’ve seen get broken
For many of them wasn’t worthwhile
With a second chance I’d fulfill this promise
Because this one is For My Child!

James Dewitt
DOC #1007872

Categories: James DeWitt, poems

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