Major McCormick

Coming to a Book World Near You, by Major McCormick

Death threats can shake a gun into a priests hand, a tremble ina cold heart, witness protection from a gangsters lips. I guess deathhad a way of breaking codes, even the silent codes of death before dishonor.

He rattled every piece of imformation into a wireless tapped phone. His cigarette danced humorously between his chops as if in rythm to a talented bird singing off tunes. The federal agent voice cracled into his ear.

“Welcome baby, welcome to the Major league.”

Tony, Bobby, an Mario were involved. Tony never went by Tony, neithe did Bobby or Mario go by name. Mario was Rico, Bobby was Mickey, and Tony was Jack. Jack did’nt like a lot of noise, but he want a quiet person. Mickey loved to gamble, but it wasnt with his money. Rico? No Rico wasnt as easy to finger sometimes Rico Lived some times Rico died. Rico danced withthe Devil, in fact out of all three, Rico had the darkest nights.

The strip club swarmed with naked flesh dim lights and opportunity. this wasnt your ordinary titi bar. Prety women, liquor, a bunch of freaks with wagging tongues. This was a place of business. Rico owned the place. Rico was Greek and into more than whores, drugs and the streets. His friends Jack and Mickey ere the personality of the bunch. Mickey never spoke a word. they were real bosses they owned cities they pulled the srings. they were the puppet masters. If some one was in power it was because of them. this included the mayors office, the poice depatment. the governer and any surrounding problems. an ordinary day could start with the sun shining before the day ended bullets were raining.

Major McCormick
DOC #686167

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