Joshua Ritter

Almost Over, by Joshua Ritter

The day I was sentenced to 7.5 years, I thought I’d NEVER make it through. Well here I am today 5 years in to it. It is def almost over though. That’s what I’ve told myself from day one. A day more away is a day closer to home. 22 months left. Wow that sounds so short to me. What do y’all think??? I mean in the big scheme of things that ain’t nothing. I’ve managed to really find myself while I’ve done this time too. I used to be a wanna be drug dealer, a so called DJ. I THOUGHT I WAS THE MAN. Aint nothing about what I was doing was being a MAN. I realize that now. Better late than never right??? One thing I do know through all of this is that, we never truly have as many people on our side as we think we do. Well at least I didn’t anyways. Here all along I thought I was the “Popular Guy”, I thought I was The Man. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure I’ve done some things that most people have only seen In movies but what is all that worth anyways? Not a damn thing. I lost 7.5 years and my relationship with my kids. Well not totally but its not your ideal parenting situation. I do try my best though. I know that since this time ain’t killing me, its making me stronger. Its focusing my vision on those things that actually matter in life. Things that I should have been thinking about years ago. Its okay though as long as I never forget where I came from. My biggest problem is loneliness. I don’t have a woman so its kinda hard at the end of the day when I don’t have my girl to vent to. Its always good when you have someone who will just let you vent a d they will listen. Well imma keep doing the right thing and keep on pushin. I control the next phase of my life and I’ll be damn if imma settle for this type of living for the rest of my life.
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Joshua Ritter #A716432 (j pay info)
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Lebanon OH 45036 (physical address)
There y’all go, there’s the info so maybe someone can hit me up and we can talk about some of our FINALS as well.

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  1. Well that’s some shity comment^…
    You’ve come five years from where you were. That’s a win. How far you’ve got doesn’t matter… Keeping an eye on the win, all wins… That’s life! Being a father. Quality time relearning your child (Ren). Enjoying some hot fried chicken and collared greens, enjoying the giggles of kids, yes… Building something real with a Queen. Any day above ground is a fuckin win… So do that.


  2. 22 months is nearly 2 years, hella long. I could do loads in that time. U can still be a dealer, just don’t tell the world wot u doin. A woman don’t want to hear u vent they just don’t av a choice, remember that and u may keep the next 1. Don’t be so sure u made it cos a lot can happen in 24 hours. Just trying to be real Joshua. U stay up now


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