Maurice Cayne


I’ve been gone for too long. Really I’ve just not been focused on the right things. But now things have been getting better for me these last few months. I’ve gotten into an Xavier college course taking criminal justice. I just completed a U.D. course for health and inequality. I have done Thinking For a Change and I have gotten into I.O.P. IOP is a program that helps with individuals who are trying to better their live’s and to get help with the more serious problems that they are going through.
I have been playing the wait game for too long now,but I am happy to say that the wait is over. The grueling hours that I have put in have finally paid off. I am on my way up with nothing in the way to stop me. I’ve just got to stay focused and keep progressing. To be honest i like the spot I’m in,it’s been a while since some good has come my direction,so iI guess I’ll just make the best out of it I can.

Maurice Cayne
DOC #635145

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