Dana Rister

Wake Up and Smell the Slime, by Dana Rister

just got off lockdown. the water is still turned off, some guy in here killed his cellie and tried to chop him up and flush him down the toilet. he almost got away with it. if his cellie wouldn’t have been three hundred and fifty pounds. maybe he would have. anyway their gonna try to find pieces of him in the sewage line, so the waters off. I knew the guy who killed the piece of shit, his nickname was running man, because he ran everyday, rain or shine, 365 days a year. I used to talk to him in the TV room, listen to him complain about his cellie. his cellie was really nasty, he kept pissing on the floor, and shitting on the toilet seat.the dude smelled real bad, his feet had mold growing on them, his toenails looked like corn chips. so the guy is complaining about his nasty cellie, and he says he’s gonna kill him if he shits on the toilet seat again. so I tell him to do it at night,at the ten o clock shift change. and then you’ll have time to flush his ass down the toilet. I told him where to get the cutting tools, and where to get the rock for crushing the bones.I told him how to keep all the shit in his guts, in his guts. you cut the colon from the inside, right where it meets the anus. and you feed it down into the toilet as your flushing, keep feeding till the intestine is at the bottom of the stomach. another cut and that’s all gone. cut up all the kidneys and liver into flushable pieces, and repeat till done. stuff the assholes bunk to make it look like he’s in it. well I wonder what went wrong………

Dana Rister
DOC #609147

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